March 1, 2021

MEM -Malawi tells TUM no space in modern Malawi

A newly Education pressure group with core values that are guided by principles of activism on all forms of injustices surrounding the teaching profession, Make Education Matter [MEM-Malawi], has thanked the Teachers Union of Malawi [TUM] for serving teachers all this time but they do not deserve space in this modern Malawi.

MEM-Malawi says TUM is a disgrace to the teachers in Malawi, asking it to stop enjoying teachers little resources as soon as possible and be prepared to surrender their powers in court, adding the right to association entails that joining an association is by choice and not by force.

The organization is ordering for immediate pay of Risk Allowances starting 1st February 2021 to all officers serving in the Ministry of Education due to the threats to their health and safety that Covid-19 has caused or face strike.

In the statement dated 15th January 2021 signed by its Chief Ambassador, Matchando Patrick Mchenga, MEM-Malawi is reminding government that Education is the chief Ministry and a salient Ministry in as far as governance is concerned, saying taking teachers and all other staffs for granted is an inaccuracy this government is exercising and shall live to regret its consequences if it continues to pay a deaf ear to this last trumpet.

The statement says MEM–Malawi understands that the right to life is non-selective and compensation in form of Risk Allowance is legal in this matter, saying officers in other government ministries within the civil service are receiving Risk Allowance, and that a special Risk Allowance is a risk of injury or harm which no amount of reasonable care.

The organization says employees from different departments within the Ministry of Education equally face a number of threats to their health and safety as they are discharging their duties which expose them to Covid-19 infected students and other clients at their respective duty stations.

…”Risk Allowance should be paid to all teachers from primary to tertiary education levels and all officers serving in the education sector considering the nature of their job in as far as schools remain open, as such is a stand between life and death,’’…..reads the statement in part.

MEM–Malawi says time has now come to accept that teachers are living in difficult times and as a nation they cannot break education for over two years, advising government to be decisive and pay Risk Allowances or close schools before 1st February 2021, and if not be prepared to face strike.

By Vincent Gunde

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