October 26, 2021

Mibawa TV apologizes to teachers for ignorant remarks

By; Vincent Gunde

Mibawa TV and Radio management, has sincerely apologized to all teachers and the general public for the comments expressed in one of their commentary programs, Gwedegwede.

The management says the program did not intend to demean or degrade teachers and the nobility of their profession even as the two presenters are allowed to express opinion on topical issues.

Pic-The duo presenters on Mibawa

The Station says it has received a torrent of feedback on the issue, some constructive and others not, saying apart from the discussions with the Teachers Union of Malawi [ TUM], another teacher from Mzuzu came to talk with the management on the same.

The management says they are persuaded to believe that this is a matter beyond Covid -19 as teachers have been neglected for quite too long by the society.

…..’’The TV station expresses its deepest appreciation for the constructive feedback TUM and the teacher from Mzuzu has given us.

This has helped us to understand the plight teachers are going through in carrying out their noble duties’…..reads part of the apology.
Following a strong letter by the concerned teachers on teachers risk allowances, another concerned group, Nkhotakota Chapter, issued their own, reminding the two journalists that even though they are underrating teachers, they couldn’t be called journalists without the hard – working teachers.

The teachers say they are suffering out there despite being the pillar of all occupations including those oppressing them saying if they think them are not important, then, they should teach their children at their homes.

They called on the two journalists and Mibawa TV management to be their mouthpiece in conniving with government on how important the said risk allowance is to the teachers.

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