October 26, 2021

Mibawa TV expresses hope for discussions with teachers

By; Vincent Gunde

Mibawa Television station says the issue about the teachers being challenged on their request for risk allowance by their journalists, is being addressed between management and the Teachers Union of Malawi [TUM].

The journalists, Steve Banda and Chawezi Banda are allegedly implicated to have said during their program, Gwedegwede, that teachers are irrelevant to the development of this nation, hence no need for them to be given risk allowances.

pic: the gwedegwede presenters on Mibawa

The TV station says the teachers will be given a platform to make their case, arguing that if people are stopped from giving their opinions, they stop the opportunity for debate and growth of the nation, expressing hope that teachers will understand this more than anyone else.

Mibawa TV management was responding to the letter by the concerned teachers of Malawi seeking an apology from the two presenters over their comments featured in their program, Gwedegwede.

The teachers allege that in their conversation, the two journalists openly said they have taken an advantage of Covid -19 to increase their monthly package, yet there is no risk once schools open.

……’’Let us teach them, Covid 19 can be dormant in our bodies for at least 14 days . During the said time, the virus can be transmitted to other people though not showing any sign or symptom’’….reads the letter in part.

The teachers say once schools open, they will be dealing with students they don’t have knowledge about their movements and their relatives movements, hence risk is there.

They claim the program directly attacked them by telling the nation they are irrelevant in as far as development of the nation is concerned hence, they seek for an apology from the two presenters in the next 72 hours and should be broadcasted on their TV and failure to do so, they will hold a vigil at their offices from the 24th of August, 2020.

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