September 28, 2021

Mimosa Travelling Theatre to Release Film Series

Mimosa Travelling Theater says it is geared to release its first movie, which will premiere on Mzati TV on 01 May 2021.
The film titled ‘Mudzi Wanga (My Village)’ portrays messages that address challenges and other issues that affect people’s day-to-day life.

In the ‘Mudzi Wanga’ Film Project, the movies will be coming in episodes, starting with season one episode one on Mzati Television Station.

The highlights of the story in the first movie to be released tell of a village chief who used charms to create problems in his village. Once the people faced problems, they would go to the chief to log their concerns. The chief would then easily manage the challenges but after some years he died, leaving no one to step into his position in managing the challenges.

However, in the same village there was another man who was God-fearing but people regarded him as mad. When he wanted to intervene with ideas in solving problems that the chief caused, people took him for granted and did not listen to him.

In an interview with Smashmw Mimosa Traveling Theatre Publicity Secretary, Azeez Losa, said the film would help address issues in real life situation, promote talent for youngsters and expose their skills to help them earn a living independently.

“We are expecting that after watching the film, people will change their mindset on issues that affect them as Malawian citizens.”

“The film will sensitize people so that they are able to address daily challenges related to love, religious affairs as well as gender issues among others,” Losa explained.

Losa further said the film will help people in conveying messages on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People should expect to learn a lot from the film and it is our corporate responsibility as Malawian citizens to take a leading role in relaying information on COVID-19, its prevention as well as ways of ending it,” he said.

Mzati TV Station Manager, Rachel Joshua, confirmed to Smashmw that they have granted the theatre group free broadcast of the movie on the television station, saying that would be a way of supporting them while they are looking for sponsors.

“We are premiering ‘Mudzi Wanga’ television series which will be broadcasted on Mzati TV. A fresh episode will be coming every Saturday at 8:00 pm and a repeat on Wednesday same time,” said Joshua.

The Mudzi Wanga Film Project is currently being implemented with contributions from its members.

It has been written and produced by Harry Malingamoyo and directed by Azeez Losa. There are currently 15 members but plans are underway to recruit more characters as the story continues in series.

By Esnath Kalawe

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