October 26, 2021

MIRECE advocates for syllabus change in schools

A Governance and Human Rights NGO, Millennium Information and Resource Centre [MIRECE], has called upon the Malawi Government to change the country’s education syllabus from the current western system of education to vocational and business schools for Malawi’s children to be self-reliant after schools.

MIRECE has observed that a number of secondary and university school leavers are just staying in their respective homes due to lack of employment opportunities though they hold certificates, diplomas and degrees. Vocational and business knowledge can open doors for those staying at home so as to be active in their daily lives.

The organization has urged Malawians to learn to support their country saying if no support is to be given to the country, Malawians will be slaves in their own country as foreigners are taking advantage of the idleness of the citizens; that they cannot say “NO’’ to money even without knowing its intended objective.

MIRECE meeting the rural communities in business and vocational lessons…

In the effort to help the government curb the vice, MIRECE has embarked on an intensive sensitization project to the rural communities to change their mindset as western education has made the country’s children poor in their thinking capacity and attitude hence a great need for the country to introduce vocational and business lessons in schools.

MIRECE’s Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje, said Malawians need to be tactical as the world is heading towards entrepreneurship and people leading in the development of the country are business people.

Rev. Somanje said men of God are clinging to white collar jobs, they are producing idle resources annually, these people have nowhere to go and be recognized for their academic and professional certificates saying this is a worrisome development to Malawi as a nation.

He asked Malawians to move with the world. The country requires small, medium and major industries to generate its economy as sitting idle at home is contributing to endless poverty in Malawi yet this can be reversed if schools start offering vocational and business lessons to substitute western education.

Rev. Flywell Somanje… giving business knowledge to the rural communities…

The Rev said it is very sad that Malawians depend solely on raw materials; for example they sell cotton to overseas countries such as USA, Britain and others where the purchasers make clothes and send the finished product to be bought at expensive prices by Malawians saying this is happening because they have no knowledge on industry and entrepreneurship.

“…Let Malawi go for its own technology to turn and reform our country, everyone should use their knowledge and skills to develop the nation, western education has made us to be behind in doing things…,” said Rev. Somanje.

He ended by stating Malawi is a sad country, it has nice policies on paper but lacks implementation which demonstrates lack of patriotism by Malawians themselves and this has made MIRECE to push for transformation of the education system.

By Vincent Gunde

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