October 26, 2021

MIRECE gives Covid – 19 materials to communities in Mchinji

By: Vincent Gunde

The Millennium Information and Resource center ( MIRECE) with support from the Mud – Africa of Sweden, has provided Covid -19 materials such as face masks, soap and water buckets worth over K800,000 to the Somanje village and its surrounding communities in the area of Traditional Authority Kapondo in Mchinji district.

Pic: Rev. Flywell Somanje… handing out the Covid-19 materials to the communities…..

Somanje village was named after Reverend Flywell Somanje, who after seeing ex – tobacco tenants sufferings due to the decline of the tobacco industry and the World Health Organization ( WHO) Anti – smoking campaign, provided the people a place in Mchinji which was left idle for many years for them to live while feeding for their families.

The provision of the Covid-19 materials has come at a time when Malawi is still registering alarming confirmed cases everyday, with the death toll as on Wednesday, 29th July, 2020, was 107.

Speaking during the presentation of the materials held at Somanje village in the district, MIRECE’s Director, Rev. Flywell Somanje, asked the communities to follow the precautionary measures to avoid further spread of the Corona virus pandemic among the settlers and the district as a whole .

Rev. Somanje urged the communities to stay safe and in their homes saying Coronavirus pandemic has no medication and no one knows when this will end in Malawi .

He urged those who have a blessed hand, to buy soap, face masks and water buckets to the communities to contain the virus saying these people cannot afford to buy the materials on their own for the pandemic purpose.

The Reverend said MIRECE has decided to share a little of the Covid-19 materials to chiefs, schools and Community care groups surrounding Somanje village in the district not because the organization is rich, but the spirit of sharing to the poor.

….” Many are waiting for government and NGOs to provide face masks, soap and water buckets. With only K5,000 you can buy these materials to the poor, you will be more blessed to assist others,”… said Rev. Somanje.

He said MP’s, Councilors, Ministers, Sheiks and Pastors, have a duty to play to ensure that their communities are sensitized on the deadly disease, Covid – 19 and its effects, hence not waiting for organizations or government alone to come and help the people, encouraging them to be the first ones for others to come, too.

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