March 1, 2021

MIRECE Gives Kasungu Municipality 3 Months to Address Challenges

The Millennium Information and Resource Centre [MIRECE] and the Peoples Voice [Liu la Nzika ] in Kasungu, have given the Municicpality three months to address the challenges and gaps and shortfalls as recommended by the forum which met recently at the boma.

Issues of tobacco tenants and ex –labourers, minibus and taxi operators, consumers, land issues , Kabaza and motorcycle operators, failures and strength of the Municipality and Covid -19 pandemic took centre stages in the discussions with resolutions passed.

The Forum which brought together representatives from NICE, LGAP, MIRECE, Civil Society and NGOs, police, among others, held on 12th August, 2020 at the Kasungu boma, noted with concerns the issues raised calling for the Municipality to convene an interface meeting with office duty bearers from Government departments, associations and Civil Society for the district to move in the interest of all.

Participants attending the meeting for Kasungu Municipality.

According to the resolutions passed on Land issues, the participants noted with a great concern that land governed in the Municipality is not beneficial to the residents as most land is acquired by non –Malawians, resolving to meet the stakeholders which is Malawi Housing Corporation [MHC] and the Municipality.

The meeting established that there is no proper depot for minibuses and taxi operators and regulations  making business tough forcing them to be hunting for passengers, thereby losing a lot of fuel.

On tobacco tenants and ex –labourers, the meeting noted that tenants and ex –labourers are being oppressed and suffer ill –treatment by their employers, they do not have a voice and whenever they seek help from labour office, higher authorities, and law enforcers, their bosses are being favoured because they have money to speak for them.

Reverend Flywell Somanje.., behind MIRECE’s governance and Human Rights issues…..

The meeting noted that there’s no proper control over recruitment of tenants as farmers and estate owners saying this development is exposing tenants to poor payment of wages and maltreatment from their respective bosses.

……’’The meeting agreed that if people are looking for tenants, they should register under labour laws so that it should be  easy to trace them whenever they breach their contracts with tenants, especially in tobacco estates,’’….reads part of resolutions to the council.

On Covid -19 pandemic, the meeting resolved that the funds, the Municipality is receiving on Covid -19, be used transparently and in accountability manner and that the office of the Environmental Health should be responsible to report on the progress to the public.The forum was organized and funded by Millennium Information and Resource Centre [MIRECE] in partnership with Mud Africa of Sweden.  

By Vincent Gunde

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