September 28, 2021

Monile Ng’oma releases first Gospel Album ‘Nendenge na Chiuta Wane’

Mzimba based upcoming gospel artist Monile Gift Ng’oma has finally achieved his desire to release a first album titled ‘Nendenge na Chiuta Wane’ (Walking with my God) which has surfaced with a bang after spending years in music career.

In a recent interview Monile Ng’oma said his first album Nendenge na chiuta wane is reminding people that in times of peace or trouble, people should still worship God. People should not lose hope when going through challenges.

He said the songs in the album are messages of advises as well as encouragement for people not to look down upon themselves but to stand firm.

“I am giving thanks to the Almighty God as well as challenging Him that whether in times of trouble or peace I will persist and believe in Him. I did the songs based on my personal as well as other people’s experiences in life,” Ng’oma explained.

Ng’oma described his musical career as a blessed talent given from God saying the talent pushes him to fulfill what God planted in him to propagate the word of God through music.

‘’The songs also encourage me to work hard in every day endeavors, for me to succeed in life. They are the songs for everybody regardless of age, marital status, orphan, disability as well as poor or rich as it carries messages that appeals to all,” he said.

Ng’oma’s music career started way back in 2008 when he was chosen to lead a choir as a choir Master in his primary school days at Likuni in Lilongwe.  In 2009 he thought of releasing an album but that ended in vain as it was cancelled when he noticed that it was not creatively composed. 

Nendenge na chiuta wane album project  started in 2016 but took a few years before being released due to financial hiccups.

The album has 12 songs including: Save my soul, We thank you God, Umoyo wane, Tiyendereni  yehova, I love  you God, I will worship you , Tiyionge Mfumu, Kalata ya chikhulupiliro as well as Nendenge na Chiuta Wane the title track among other songs.

The songs are in Afro, Reggae and Rumba style and were composed in three different languages Tumbuka, Chichewa and English suitable for various people in and outside Malawi to access the messages that are being portrayed through the songs.

The album was produced by Watson Mkandawire (k1) as well as Mariko Jere (Njex). It first hit the airwaves through Voice of Livingstonia radio in Mzuzu on Tibamanye Mkwimba (Tiwadziwe  mmayimbidwe) program on 12th April 2021.

In a separate interview with Voice of Livingstonia (VOL) Radio Alliamson Kamanga a presenter of Tibamanye Mkwimba(Tiwadziwe mmayimbidwe) said he loved the song the very first day he listened to Nendenge na chiuta wane.

He said at first he thought Monile Ng’oma was a lady but was surprised to hear that he is a man as his voice is superb.

“Mixing of the songs is good, the songs are unique to me as I also like Tumbuka songs. I have been with many artist but they lack talent when it comes to compose Tumbuka  songs, most of them they just copy and paste,” said Ng’oma.

Kamanga added that people have started liking the songs saying as a radio presenter he has observed that many people are requesting it and it is the one mostly played in many musical programs at VOL since its release.

Ng’oma is currently seeking support from well wishers so that his album would reach out to as many people  in and outside Malawi, because of the good messages that are portrayed in the songs. 

By Esnath Kalawe

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