October 26, 2021

Mpinganjira’s Conviction a Subject to Discussion

It took 9 parties to form the Tonse Alliance, a party that would lead on the political landscape in ensuring that the opposition parties in the country had one uniting voice for Malawians to bring the much needed change. Having won the hearts of the majority with their “Malawi Wokomela Tonse” philosophy, Malawians on 23 June 2020 in the Fresh Presidential Elections gave them a chance to enter government hoping that they will turn things around according to their philosophy of “Malawi Wokomela Tonse”.

Malawians believed for change in the Tonse Alliance’s philosophy

Today, 15 months have gone with Malawians questioning if the Tonse Government philosophy is bearing fruits. Malawians hoped for government’s complete departure from oppression of the law which was order of the day during administrations of previous governments. As it is now, people have seen government using the law to oppress those that are not for Tonse Government. In this political persecution people are being arrested and their houses searched.

The issue in question relates well with a current court case where business magnate, Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira, was convicted and is on remand at Chichiri Prison waiting for sentencing for the offence of attempting to bribe the court judges to favour former President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and the DPP. During court proceedings, Dr. Mpinganjira told the court that he was supporting Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera [MCP] and Dr. Saulosi Klause Chilima [UTM] with money for their campaign trails, though this was quashed by the court. The big question is, did the court have time to investigate this claim as it is reported and alleged that soon after President Dr. Chakwera was elected sixth President of the country, Dr. Mpinganjira was approached to join the MCP to be its leader in the Southern Region of Malawi but he turned down the offer as he is not a politician.

Every vote was cast and counted to give what Malawi decided for her leadership

Now, Dr. Mpinganjira is in jail, should Malawians conclude that he is paying the price for attempting to bribe the court judges or because he rejected their proposal for him to become MCP heavy weight in the Southern Region, the same as the late Mr. Mohammad Sidik Mia, a heavy weight who hailed from the lower Shire. The big question is; would he be in prison if he accepted the offer to be part of MCP gurus?

A concerned citizen from the North based in South Africa, Pastor Charles Ben Longwe, has described the Rule of Law in Malawi as turning into a panga knife against the DPP and those criticizing the Tonse Alliance government and its leader, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera saying the MCP has taken government to another level, it does not want to be rebuked.

Pastor Longwe said it is shocking that Pastor Martin Thom who committed the case of Treason for allegedly smuggling a Loan Authorization Bill of MK93 billion on to the order paper of Parliament flew out of the country hours after he was reported to be arrested whilst Sylvester Namiwa’s legs were chained for the offence of holding a vigil at Parliament seeking clarification of the same bill. Longwe said as if this is not enough former Minister of Energy Newton Kambala, AFORD President Enoch Chihana and Chris Chaima Banda, one of President Dr. Chakwera’s advisor were arrested and spent a night in the cooler at Lilongwe police station, entered court prosecutions and are out on bail, Mr. Zanga-Zanga Chikhosi, Secretary to the President and Cabinet [SPC] was skipped, only summoned to appear before the ACB and the ACB secretly interviewed President Dr. Chakwera on the NOCMA fuel supply tenders and is asking Malawians if this is what is meant by the Rule of Law? He said time has now come for President Dr. Chakwera and his Vice, Dr. Chilima to serve God, the Almighty, reconcile with friends including the freedom fighters, to error is human, to forgive is divine, praying for a start of a new life, bring expectations for all to come together for the well-being of Malawians, change to the betterment of all, the Rule of Law should point in all directions.

would Mpinganjira be free if he were MCP

” …I appeal to the two leaders, to openly say that they were wrong with their campaign promises, and request Malawians to forgive them, as they are ready to bring a new Malawi for all regardless of being in government and opposition, and people will receive this apology for the country to move forward…,’’ said Pastor Longwe.

The citizen then, advised the Malawi leaders and all Malawians that for Malawi to be Wokomela Tonse, there must be a change of mindset and attitudes that there is no cadet or MCP, warning all that if Malawi continues with this trend of calling one another, cadet or MCP, the country will be built on revenge, no developments and it will continue to be a laughing stock of the world.

By Vincent Gunde

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