October 21, 2020

Mpingwe Sports Club Reaffirms Commitment to Malawi Laws

Mpingwe Sports Club management has reaffirmed its commitment to abide by the constitution of Malawi, all laws that prohibit discrimination against any person on the grounds of race, religion, gender or background.

The Club promises to reaffirm its commitment to creating a respectful and supportive environment of all people while upholding the values of diversity and inclusivity that make Mpingwe Sports Club and the beautiful Malawi stronger,

The management says while the matter has been resolved on the incident of alleged Racism involving a Black Malawian at Mpingwe Sports Club with all concerned parties, it is their obligation that as a community of diverse people, to speak forcefully against Racism and discrimination on any of its ugly forms.

In a statement dated 12th October, 2020, the management says Racism has never been nor shall at ever be tolerated at Mpingwe Sports Club and that no person should feel unwelcome at the Club.

……’’We have listened to your voice and heard all the concerns, we promise not to allow the unfortunate incident to divide us or make us suspicious of one another, on and off the grounds of Mpingwe Sports Club, we are one people, united by our shared humanity,’’……reads the statement in part.

Saunders Jumah……no racism in Malawi, if they are done with Malawi, they can pack up and go……

As soon as social media reported the incident of alleged Racism at Mpingwe Sports Club, Muvi wa Chilungamo appealed to the Indians to wake up against colleagues that are not wishing Malawi well, expressing a concern that Racism is taking place in 2020 while Malawi has changed Government to Tonse Alliance.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah the Utopian, asked the Tonse Government to intervene in the Racism acts with a warning that Malawians will rise up against those alleged crooked Indians saying they didn’t vote for Tonse Government and above all, they did not take part in the voting processes and demonstrations to liberate the country from the shackles of the DPP regime. Jumah claims that most of the Indians have British passports and that Malawi is not their country, urging the Tonse Government to deport all those involved in preaching segregation to the land owners or else they should pack up and go to the countries which favor Racism or issuing an apology for insulting Malawians entering  at Mpingwe Sports Club.

By Vincent Gunde

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