September 28, 2021

Mtekateka inspires women in her book

After successfully launching her first book titled “Did You Know a Woman can Prosper You”, Juliet Mtekateka says the journey is not yet finished as she is looking to get the book out to the world to inspire women more.

Mtekateka, who is also an entepreneur, says living in the world of hearing negative stories about women and child abuse saw her come up with the book.

“I thought to myself why are women and children getting abused? What’s their purpose on earth?”

“And I got a revelation of why women and children are being abused and possibly what could be done to help the world change its mind set towards abusing them,” Mtekateka said.

She added that her book has a touching message that can change the global.

“My book has the inspiration message that families, communities and the world at large can be transformed and be a better place for women and children to contribute positively to the society,” Mtekateka mentioned.

She added that her book tackles every aspect of life meaning everyone can benefit from reading it.

“My book is being read by all races and is impacting many lives banking from the feedback I have been receiving.”

“For easy accessibility of the resources as we are going into the digital world of computers, I am intending to launch the website that will operate as an online store,” she hinted.

The book has 145 pages and was launched in November last year in Cape Town, South Africa where she is based.

By Andrew Ndhlovu 

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