October 26, 2021

Mutharika prays to win Presidential Election Case

Former State President who is Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] leader and Patron for Mulhako wa Alhomwe in Malawi, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, says he is praying hard for things to be better in winning the Presidential Elections Case with a hope that there will be another election in Malawi.
Prof. Mutharika assured people that he is still President of the DPP, chosen during the Convention in 2018-2023 saying in any election happening he will be the presidential candidate, advising those who want to be President of the Party that time will come, but at the moment, they should accept that he is the President of the DPP.
He called for unity, no divisions, one leader and not two Presidents urging all DPP supporters to come back to rebuild their party assuring them that he is ready to serve them in building the mighty DPP to prepare for subsequent elections coming.

Former heads of state during the 2021 Mulhako wa Alhomwe festival

Speaking during a Mulhako wa Alhomwe cultural festival on Sunday held at Chonde village in the area of Traditional Authority Mthiramanja in Mulanje district, Prof. Mutharika thanked the people for coming out in their large number to attend this year’s Mulhako wa Alhomwe festival describing it as the biggest crowd he has ever seen saying to himself why the DPP lost the 23rd June, 2020 elections with all the people there.
Prof. Mutharika disclosed to the people that the DPP Constitution is being reviewed and thereafter, in 2023 the Party will hold a Convention where a new President to take over from him will be elected.
…’’From now to 2023, I am here as your President, there is no any other president apart from me, after 2023 Convention, I will retire for a new leader who will be chosen to take over from me,’’…said Mutharika.

In his remarks, former State President and Malawi’s first multiparty democratically elected President, Dr. Bakili Muluzi, advised Professor Mutharika to take the leadership of the DPP to ensure that there is unity in the mighty DPP saying a divided house can in any way not win the elections.
Dr. Muluzi said he was happy to learn that the DPP is strong at all the grass root levels and it enjoys support from Branch, Area, Constituency, District and Region but the main problem is coming from the top.
…..’’I am not DPP myself, I love multiparty democracy in Malawi, all those who want to leave the DPP must go,’’…said Dr. Muluzi.

Speaking earlier, Chairperson of Mulhako wa Alhomwe, Leston Mulli , expressed sadness that the Lhomwe people are being victimized and dismissed from work without valid reasons alleging that the Tonse Alliance government is working hard to make sure that the Lhomwes do not benefit from the fruits which are being initiated by the new government.

By Vincent Gunde

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