Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Mzimba Luwerezi – a Fast Developing Constituency

Luwerezi Technical College

Luwerezi – a constituency in the Northwest of Mzimba district which is the second largest constituency, has for a long time been known for slow growth in as far as development is concerned in the northern region despite sending legislators to parliament since independence.

This year, despite questioning the accountability of the former members of parliament the constituency has sent Sam Chirwa, son to former member of parliament who during his campaign demonstrated that he is capable of delivering his promises as he has fulfilled his promises in just under six months since he entered office.

Honourable Sam Chirwa during school project inspection
Chirwa, appreciating progress on technical college project in his constituency

This has caused hope to flare for residents in the area as a series of infrastructure development activities are now taking place in the areas of health, education transportation and social life.



During a social weekend where member of parliament for the area launched his trophies for football, netball and religious choirs he told SMASH that the area will soon witness more development activities as all stakeholders have joined their efforts in support for his manifesto.

A MK2 000 000 trophy was launched on Saturday 2nd November
Teams battling it out during the launch of the trophy

During the event Honourable Sam Chirwa was quick to say he does not work in isolation but make use of available connections hence development activities that are rapidly growing in the area.



In a separate interview UTM councilor for Mabulabo North Ward, Evans Nghzovu attests to the amazing development activities that are currently taking place in his ward regardless of political affiliations.

Nghzovu was happy to mention the developments under construction and of some that are complete and in use such as a technical college, Liziwazi bridge, Police station and police house, school blocks, churches and agribusiness opportunities for farmers in the area.

The Liziwazi bridge will make transportation of farm materials easy in the area
Liziwazi bridge costed MK45 000 000 will enable people to travel during the rain season








Liziwazi bridge: Certified and ready for use
Luwerezi Technical College
Hon. Sam Chirwa talking to journalist during the his visit in his constituency








On 2 November, during a visit in his constituency, Chirwa launched trophies for football, netball and church choirs worth MK 2 000 00.







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