October 21, 2020

Nankhumwa Summoned to DPP Disciplinary Committee Hearing

The Disciplinary Committee of the DPP has summoned Leader of Opposition, Rt. Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa MP to appear before it on Wednesday, 16th  September, 2020, regarding his conduct in contravention of the Constitution of the DPP.

The Disciplinary Committee says it wants to hear from Nankhumwa under  Article 15[3] of the DPP Constitution before it further recommend for any action under Article 15[4] of the DPP Constitution.

This is contained in a letter to Nankhumwa, Leader of Opposition and DPP Vice President for the South on notice and invitation to a disciplinary hearing by the Disciplinary Committee dated 10th September, 2020 signed by DPP’s Secretary to the Disciplinary Committee, Charles Mkandawire.

In the letter, the Disciplinary Committee says before the former President, Prof. Peter Mutharika communicated to the Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly, Catherine Gotani Hara on his choice of Leader of Opposition, Nankhumwa communicated to the Speaker that he was chosen Leader of Opposition and an announcement was made that he was Leader of Opposition, when the President, Mutharika had chosen Dr. George Chaponda as Leader of Opposition.

The Committee claims that Nankhumwa chose himself  Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly without the blessings of the DPP leader, former President Prof. Peter Mutharika.

Nankhumwa his fate awaits him today

The letter claims that between 29th June and 10th July, 2020, Nankhumwa conspired with the Hon. DPP Secretary General, Grezeldar Jeffrey to mislead former President Mutharika that DPP members would revolt against Mutharika and the party itself if his imposed Leader of the Opposition was to be reversed.

The Committee further claims that between 4th August and 4th September, 2020, Nankhumwa visited the MCP officials specifically at the residence of the official Hostess Mama Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira without seeking Authority from the former President, Mutharika.

Hon. Kondwa I Nankhumwa MP….in contravention of the DPP Constitution…..

……’’The Committee also wants to hear from Nankhumwa’s failure to conclusively resolve, and respond to queries about your background and education qualifications,’’….reads the letter in part.

The letter claims that there have been several queries in the public domain about Nankhumwa’s background and education qualification which tend to negatively affect his standing as a senior member of the DPP.

It says Nankhumwa has not publicly and conclusively respond saying such queries and concerns are reducing confidence in any office that he will be holding on behalf of the DPP.

Former President and DPP Leader, Prof. Peter Mutharika….his choice as Leader of Opposition was Dr. George Chaponda….

ON 20th August, 2020, the concerned citizens wrote an open letter to Nankhumwa demanding a response on several allegations leveled against him since his actions have shown that he is vying for a DPP top seat to replace former President Prof. Peter Mutharika who has lost trust and confidence among the DPP members and Malawians as a whole.

By Vincent Gunde

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