March 7, 2021

NFYD empower girls to demand sexual reproductive services

Network for Youth Development (NFYD) has encouraged youth to seek sexual reproductive health services to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

NFYD made this plea at Traditional Authority Maliri and Chimutu in Lilongwe on Wednesday and Thursday through the project Her Future Her Choice.

Project officer under Her Future Her Choice project, Sekanawo Mwatibu, said in Malawi it is hard to talk about issues to do with sexual reproductive health more especially with the youth because it is regarded as taboo.

She said because of this youth lack information and make wrong decisions regard their sexual reproductive health.
She added through the project they assist in building the confidence of girls so that they make right decision regarding their sexual reproductive health.

Beneficiaries of the project

“We started this project Her future Her Choice because we noticed that youth in T/A Maliri and T/A Chimutu did not have knowledge regarding sexual reproductive health which had consequences on them.

“We want youth to be able to demand contraceptives from the hospitals even when the project has phased out here,” she said.

She added that apart from sexual reproductive health they also empower girls to protect themselves from abuse in the community they live in.

Group Village Headman Chiwaya said the messages that NFYD is giving to the youth in the area are important because it will prevent issues of unplanned pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

“As girls and boys reach adolescent stage they want to try out things as such they end up pregnant or get diseases so it is important that they have these messages so that they know how to protect themselves,” he said.

He therefore said they will continue to work with the organisation to make sure that youth access these messages frequently.

By Ireen Kayira and Esnath Kalawe

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