March 1, 2021

Nkhunga police drill police officers wives in HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 prevention

Wives of police officers at Nkhunga Police Station in Nkhotakota on Tuesday had a rare opportunity to undergo a training on HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 prevention.

The training, which also targeted female police officers, saw Chimwemwe Kabago, a Medical Officer from Nkhunga Health center drilling police officers wives on HIV/AIDS, ORAQUICK HIV self-test and COVID-19 prevention among others.

Speaking in an interview, wife to Nkhunga Police Officer in charge, Mrs. Agnes Maganga, hailed the initiative by the Stations Social Welfare Committee, describing it educative.

She said the training had helped to fill the knowledge gap by wives of police officers on HIV/AIDs and COVID-19 prevention especially on HIV self-testing.

“It is important for wives of police officers and their husbands to know their HIV status so that they are able to make the right decisions.
“The nature of our husband’s job require physical fitness. When we know our HIV sratus we will be able to do the needful so that we remain healthy,”she said.

Maganga added not knowing one’s HIV status by police officers can compromise on their work performance.

Mrs. Agness Maganga:When we know our Hiv status, we will remain healthy

She urged wives of police officers to utilize the ORAQUICK HIV self-testing kits after discussing with their husbands on the importance of knowing their status.

One of the participants, Maureen Mchenga, said the initiative was an eye opener for the wives of police officers.

“We have acquired more knowledge on HIV and COVID-19 prevention. We will advise our husbands to be careful when they go out to work because our lives and that of our children depend on them. Our husbands are the breadwinners in our families and we value their lives, so we need to take a role in ensuring that their lives are safe, above all we need to be faithful to each other,” she said.

Nkhunga Police Station HIV/AIDs Coordinator, Inspector Priest Mpemba said they organized the training after realizing the role wives of police officers play in the discharge of their husbands noble duties.

“We realize that the knowledge we gain on HIV/AIDs and COVID-19 is not passed on to our wives as most on them don’t have the time to listen and follow developments.
“It is very important for us to pass on this knowledge to them so that they help to bring positive impact in the way police officers carry out their duties” said Mpemba.

Mpemba mentioned being a police Officer requires one to be healthy and physically fit so they can help secure the lives of Malawians and their property and that cannot be achieved if wives of police officers lack knowledge.

“Malawians have huge expectation from police officers, but those can’t be met if we dont have an interest to check on our health status of which our wives can play a major role. If we know, we will be able to take the necessary action so that we remain healthy and be able to meet the expectation of people we serve,” said Mpemba.

By Stanley Nkhondoyachepa

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