October 21, 2020

No Malawi Wokomela Tonse if Weeds Remain

Muvi wa Chilungamo says a new Malawi is going to be impossible if weeds remain in the system of Tonse Alliance Government.

Muvi wa Chilungamo has warned the Tonse Government that feeling sorry for those arrested and yet to be arrested suspects for destroying Malawi , appeasing the weeds, will be committing suicide.

The organization has since appealed to Malawians of goodwill to join it to ensuring that crooks, thieves, mafias, murderers must not be welcomed in the Tonse Government.

Saunders Jumah: let’s join Muvi wa Chilungamo for crooks and thieves to go

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah the Utopian, expressed fears that if the weeds are not removed from Tonse Government, the very same DPP officials who have joined Tonse are the ones who painted Cashgate to Dr. Joyce Banda, and are the ones who are being appeased saying soon or later, they will turn against President Dr. Chakwera.

 Jumah has appealed to the Tonse Government to open their eyes, weevils are under in their ministries, Departments and State Houses doing things strategically serving the former DPP and have placed their hard working men and women to sabotage all the good efforts of the Tonse programs.

Jumah has reminded President Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima that not all appointed Board members in parastatal organizations will walk with the Tonse philosophy saying many of them are criminals and crooks, hence a great need to open eyes as nobody knows what comes tomorrow.

Tonse Government should not tolerate thieves and crooks to survive

He has advised Government not to let crooks and thieves over take conscious saying Muvi wa Chilungamo is here to protect Government, the country, people and resources, warning all those that are conniving with the Indians and Chinese or other foreigners to sell the country’s resources, that they should know that they are enemies of Malawians.

……’’ We are appealing to all Malawians including those in diaspora to do their best to their country, there country is Malawi and there will be no any other country apart from Malawi,’’….said Jumah.He said in Tonse Government, there is a witch garden, Matsiriza in the Malawi Embassy in China and in MEDF, all must be fired for frustrating Tonse philosophy, so too, Principal Secretaries, appealing to those weeds to fire themselves before Malawians fire them with assurance that Muvi wa Chilungamo is everywhere in Malawi and will be following their footsteps.

By Vincent Gunde

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