November 30, 2020

Nsanje Kabaza Operator Arrest was a Blessing in Disguise

Nsanje bicycle Kabaza operator, Mavuto Mussa, has earned himself national respect and recognition suffering detention without trial for carrying seven kids on his bicycle to and fro school.

Mussa was captured in a video footage with the seven kids and the clip was widely circulated into various media outlets and social media forums across the country and this prompted the police to have no option but arrest him.

He was hand cuffed into police cells and this received national condemnation from thousands of social media influencers demanding for his immediate release from police custody because what he was doing was good Samaritan and the kids parents were happy with his initiative.

Mavuto Mussa…handcuffed by police for a good reason…

Having noted that a good Samaritan was locked up in police custody, Gerald Kampanikiza of Dedza, Orama Namalomba and others joined forces for calls with a loud voice to release Mussa and the police bowed down to pressure, releasing him without a charge.

Mussa was summoned to appear before the police on Monday together with the kids parents for counseling, a development that some Malawians describes Mussa’s arrest as a blessings in disguise, suffering for a good cause and will be remembered in the country’s history.

Mavuto Mussa…his transportation business has taken an interesting twist

According to reports, on 24th October, 2020, Kampanikiza called Mussa to ask him what he really want in life to boost up his bicycle taxi business and said a motorcycle, he has been dreaming about it for years but due to poverty, cannot raise K500,000.

Mavuto Mussa…his detention without trial has earned him a Tricycle

Kampanikiza and his friends created a whatsapp group where members were asked to contribute any amount of money according to their capacity. The group managed to raise K3 Million which they used to purchase a brand new Tricycle in Lilongwe and this will be delivered in Nsanje. Meanwhile, Kampanikiza has expressed a vote of thanks to each and every one who contributed any amount of money in raising K3 Million for Mussa and the seven kids captured in a video footage to start another new life.

By Vincent Gunde

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