October 21, 2020

Pacific Ocean Denies Owning 80 Percent Land in Limbe

Pacific Ocean Group of companies has categorically denied media and Hon. Sameer Suleiman MP claims that it owns 80 percent of land in Limbe, Blantyre, saying this assertion is totally without merit.

Hon. Suleiman told the Malawi National Assembly in Lilongwe that Malawians of Asian origin are involved in illegal land grabbing and there is need for Government to investigate this as it will leave land owners to have no land in Malawi.

Muvi wa Chilungamo blamed Hon. Suleiman for the claims that he does not wish his country well saying had it been that he was a true patriot of Malawi he would have asked the former government of DPP, where he has served for 13 years of the same.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah the Utopian, asked the Tonse Government to establish the National Economic Audit, the body that will investigate how the foreigners including the Indians have acquired land and wealth out of poor Malawians and the illegal land grabbing.

But, in a statement, Pacific Ocean Group of companies reminded Hon. Suleiman that he has a constitutional right to acquire land and own it in Malawi and freely engage in economic activity, to work, pursue a livelihood anywhere in Malawi under Section 28 and 29 of the Republican constitution.

…..’’Regrettably, Suleiman’s statements have caused substantial harm to the Pacific Group, we are faced with threats of demonstrations and vandalism of our properties, whilst our Directors are subjected to threats to their person, all as a result of false and baseless statements by Hon. Sameer Suleiman,’’…..reads part of the statement.

The Company says Suleiman’s statements border on defamation and character assassination and have the potential to incite tensions against the Asian community in Malawi, saying Malawi is a peace –loving nation and such instances have no place in the beautiful nation.

The Group of Companies asked Hon. Suleiman that if he has any personal grievances against their company or Directors, he should reach out to them directly where any such differences can be best resolved. The company is requesting Hon. Suleiman that unless he is able to substantiate his allegations, he has to withdraw the statements on the same platform.

By Vincent Gunde

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