March 1, 2021

PIH urges Malawians to fight the pandemic together

Partners in Hope Medical Centre [PIH] has called on Malawians to fight the Covid-19 pandemic together with love, unity and resilience and formal complaints can always be channelled to Medical Council of Malawi.

PIH was responding to allegations currently circulating on many social media platforms arising from recent incidents at the Medical Center specifically regarding Covid-19 deaths.

It was alleged by one, on his Facebook page that while 4 patients were on Oxygen, 3 died and these include: Peter Makanga of ODPP and Eric Hanjahanja. The patients allegedly shouted, “Please we need Oxygen. We are dying, we need Oxygen.” They ended up dead as there was allegedly no back-up power connected to the tent.

The rumours further alleged that this is not the first time as the same happened during Hon. Belekanyama hospitalization where they ran out Oxygen. PIH is advised that if they cannot manage Covid-19 patients then people should avoid the hospital in times of Covid.

Partners in Hope [PIH] says it does not work in isolation, they are part of the national health system overseen by the health authorities, continuing to avail the highest standards of care, adding they always work hand in hand with Kamuzu Central Hospital [KCH] and Lilongwe DHO in the management and care of Covid cases.

In a statement dated 17 January 2021 signed by its Executive Director, Agnes Moses, PIH says in this second wave of Covid-19, KCH and Bwaila hospital have been filled beyond capacity and overwhelmed with patients, saying it is unethical for them or any other health facility to send back Covid-19 patients who are in need of oxygen and emergency care.

In a press release of the Medical Council of Malawi of 20 July 2020, reminded its members that it is unethical and a disciplinary issue to deny patient’s emergency care in their clinics or hospitals irrespective of whether they have funds for payment of services or not, and irrespective of whether they have Covid-19 related symptoms.

Regarding power, the Hospital says it has back-up generator and solar system which automatically provide power, their staff have received specific Covid-19 management training and they have highly qualified professionals and experienced General Practitioners managing their patients in liaison with their specialist internist.

……”We are not aware of any hospital locally or abroad being managed by specialists only in a fight against this pandemic as that is not feasible and totally impractical anywhere in the world due to the high doctor–patient rations worldwide now worsened by the pandemic,’’…….reads the statement in part.

PIH says it is aware that this pandemic has caused a lot of grief and stress to all of Malawians as health care providers and as affected members of society especially those who have lost loved ones, pleading with the general public to avoid making unfounded allegations and contact them where they need clarification.

The Hospital is urging Malawians to always wear masks, to sanitize or wash hands with soap and to avoid crowded places, asking them if they have been in contact with positive cases, or have symptoms, they present to the hospital for evaluation, saying together they can win against this pandemic.

By Vincent Gunde

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