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Prophet Hara honors Apostle Ndovi and Prophet Bushiri at his wedding anniversary

Written by Pephero Kawale

A renowned Prophet and preacher of the Word of GOD Senior Prophet Justice Hara, who is also known as the game changer due to his accurate prophecies and life changing preachings and teachings, celebrated 4 years of being in marriage on 13 December.

Senior Prophet Hara married his wife Hannah in 2014 and they now have two children, a daughter and a son.

The wedding anniversary was held in the town of Benoni in South Africa marking the four years of being in lawfully wedded marriage.

Hara and his wife during their wedding anniversary

It attracted alot of people who came to celebrate with this selfless, humble, loving and understanding man of GOD.

The wedding, which was held in Lilongwe, had been officiated by the Founder and President of Living Waters Church Apostle Dr Stanley Ndovi.

Prophet Hara honoured Apostle Dr Ndovi for officiating his wedding. He described Apostle Dr Ndovi as the father to many, very understanding  man of God and full of revelations.

Senior Prophet Justice Hara further extended his heartfelt gratitude and thanks giving in a special way to appreciate the entire Living waters church members,ECG members as well as his ACM church members not forgetting the government officials.

In his prophetic utterance way Senior Prophet Hara recognised the big role his spiritual father had played during his wedding.

In his remarks, Senior Prophet Hara took time to shower words of  honor on his spiritual father, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who had been the guest of honor during Hara’s wedding 4 years ago.

Major 1 had his moment of joy at the wedding and performed his prophetic dance which he is always known of.

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