Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Prophet Justice Hara’s church continues to pray for albinos in Malawi

Written by  Enock Balakasi
As the dust refuses to settle and the smoke denies to die over the brutal killings of people with albinism in Malawi, Ambassadors for Christ Ministries International (ACM) church has stuck to prayer over the matter, hoping that God’s intervention would solve this problem.
ACM has held prayers before and has joined the bandwagon of many concerned stakeholders trying hard to come up with suggestions leading to the solution to ending killings of people with albinism in Malawi.

A cross section of church members at the top mountain
Thats Pastor Albert Gondwe,The Resident Pastor for ACM Blantyre branch
Prophet Justice Hara: ACM will continues to pray for albinos in Malawi

Most importantly, the stakeholders are working towards establishing those who are masterminding the killings and the purported market for the body parts extracted from the murdered albinos.
The killings are fueled by widespread false beliefs across Malawi that bones and body parts of people with albinism are used for charms that bring luck and wealth.
Since 2013, an estimated 20 albinos have been killed, about ten are reportedly missing and there are over 150 cases of abductions and attacks on people with albinism.
Appalled by the gravity of the problem, ACM urges various churches and religious institutions in Malawi to conduct special prayers dedicated to people with albinism, asking God to intervene in their situation.
ACM, whose founder is Senior Prophet Justice Hara, is already leading by example by conducting special prayers for people with albinism in all its branches.
For example, one of the church’s congregations in Malawi on 4th March 2019 conducted special prayers at Soche Mountain and prayed for God’s intervention in the situation of people with albinism.
Speaking to our reporter, Pastor Albert Gondwe, Resident Pastor for ACM Blantyre Branch said it is Senior Prophet Justice Hara who instructed that these prayers must be done.
“The senior prophet noted that our friends with albinism continue being victimized and living in fear with their right to life being deprived with such inpunity,” he said.
Added Pastor Gondwe, “Our father instructed all the branches to make sure that every time we are having prayers, we should not forget our brothers and sisters with albinism because they are human beings just like us, created in God’s own image”.
Pastor Gondwe reiterated that, as a church, they will not stop praying for the protection of people with albinism untill God heals the land of Malawi.
“If the noise and trumpets brown by the children of Israel made jericho to fall, we will use the same noise of prayer untill the killings and abductions of people with albinism come to an end”.
Ambassadors for Christ Ministries is one of the fastest growing churches that has grounded its values in teaching and preaching the word of GOD, revealing the hidden truth of heaven as the Philosophy of its Founder, Senior Prophet Hara, says;
“Let me preach and teach your life, then prophesy later”.

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  1. Prayers are only answer for the problem at hand as our friends with albinism still leave in fear. We love u Prophet Hara, God bless ACM

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