Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

SADC Request US and EU to Remove sanctions Against Zimbabwe

By Dean chisambo

Southern Africa Development Commuty has request US and EU to remove Sanctions
angainst the Republic of Zimbabwe which the SADC heads of Mission agree during the 39th SADC summit of heads of state and government held in Dar-Es-salaam in the Republic of Tanzania.

Zimbabwe Deputy High Commissioner to Malawi M’faro Charambira during one in one interview.

Speaking during the press briefing on friday in Lilongwe SADC Chairperson of the heads of mission who is also the ambassador of the Republic of Tanzania to Malawi Benedicto Mashiba says the removal Sanctions will usher a new chapter for the people and the government of Zimbabwe as they seek to re-engage with the international community as well as the freely participate in world trade with equal footing to its international counterparts.

”As SADC members states remain in solidarity with our African counterpart as we call for the unconditional and immediate removal of the unnecessary Sanctions that impedes their nation progress so that Zimbabwe can move forward into the feature unobstructed in its quest for economic growth,” says Mashiba.

”we therefore call upon all concerted efforts towards the rectification and resumption of Zimbabwe resurgence in the global market as we seek for the removal of Sanctions that delay their economic development, ” added Mashiba.

On his part Zimbabwe Deputy High Commission to Malawi M’faro Charambira says the removal of Sanctions will promote Zimbabwe economy to rise through the mining and Agriculture sector which is the agro best of their economy.

”We world bank and international monetary fund (IMF)was been excluded give our country credit due to the Sanctions and the removal of the Sanctions will bring these two financial bodies to continue helping our government with credit,”says Chirambira

”we are very optimistic that the Sanctions will be removed through the SADC and African Union because the Sanctions does not affect Zimbabwe only but it also affect the who Africa region, ” he added.

The American government and European Union Sanction Zimbabwe due to the land nationalisation between the black majority and the white farmers in 2001.

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