Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

Scottish Government pump 11 million pounds to Malawi CSO’s

By Lumbani Nyasulu

Malawi Scotland Partnership through Scottish Government has funded 11 million pounds to Malawi Civil Society Organizations to assist Malawi reaching local goals as well as global goals.

This was announced on Wednesday at the press  briefing in Lilongwe by the Scottish Minister responsible for European Migration and International Development Ben Macfeson.

The Malawi Scotland partnership has organized a high level national conference to be held at Bingu International Conference       Center from 28 to 29 September 2018 to celebrate the friendship between the two nations and discuss the next chapter in the bilateral relationship.

The Scottish Minister said the conference will bring together and listen to a range of key stakeholders across the civil society,government ,parliament and as well as youths on how best to explore and implement the global goals partnership agreement which was signed by the President of Malawi Peter Munthalika and the first Minister of Scotland earier this year.

Chair of the Board of Malawi Scotland Partnership Professor Kenneth Ross said this partnership is a friendship of mutual respect and mutual benefit for both countries.

” Malawi has given a great deal to Scotland and it has benefited greatly and apart from Scotland we are also looking to be a good partner for Malawi in addressing challenges facing Malawi,” Ross Said .

In an interview,  Chair of Malawi Scotland partnership Dr Anne Phoya said the conference will help both countries to understand the new agreement signed by president Peter Munthalika and first Minister of Scotland.

” We have had so many projects that were funded in areas of  health ,agriculture,economic development and civil governance but for health sector we have implemented over 20 projects,” phoya said.


Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) is a Malawi  led national network which exists to inspire ,represent,coordinate and support many civic links which Malawi has with Scotland.

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