October 26, 2021

Senior Group Jonasi in chieftainship wrangles with Inkosi Mponela

It has been established that Inkosi Mponela of Dowa removed from her position Senior Group Village woman Jonasi without letting her know the reasons and offences committed.
Two months ago, Chewa chiefs from Ntchisi, Dowa and Salima under the banner of concerned chiefs held peaceful demonstrations where they presented a petition to the Dowa District Council demanding President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to intervene in their grievances and concerns with the Ngoni chiefs who are in minority in the district claiming that the districts are Chewa dominated.
The Chewa chiefs in their petition, appealed to President Dr. Chakwera to prove them wrong by instituting a commission of inquiry on how the Ngoni chiefs are mistreating the Chewa chiefs by removing them from their positions and replacing them with fellow Ngoni chiefs claiming that the council has for years failed to resolve this for lacking justice in the matter.
Jonasi Aaron Masaiti village has a Chewa traceable history of 85 years of its existence on the land and out of it, 36 years of being under Government census amongst the recognized villages receiving honoraria allowances in Dowa district.

Senior Group Jonasi…..her chieftainship has a traceable history of 85 years…….

The chieftainship wrangles have been in court of the Dowa District Commisioner for mediation since October, 2020 where the records are indicating that on 16th December, 2020, judgement was made that Jonasi is the rightful heir of the throne following mother clan and traceable history.
As the judgement was not enough, an appeal of the case was made to have the case heard before Chief’s Dzoole, Mkukula and Chiwere with Senior Group Jonasi in attendance, the judgement was again made favoring the Jonasi family that there have been seven chiefs and from the other side wanting to have the chieftainship gone to their side, none has ruled the village.
On 19th December, 2020 Inkosi Mponela presided over the installation of a person who for two times lost the case claiming for Jonasi village to be under his name, Mr. Lloyd Nthache as Group while his brother, Mr. Gift Nthache as village headman, the family of Senior Group Village head woman Jonasi was communicated not to receive messages for funerals and other activities involving chieftainship for the area and due to this chieftainship wrangle, the family was banned from attending funerals from June, 2020 to date.

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development reinstated back Senior Group Village headwoman on 1st July, 2021 but this did not take long, on 27th July, 2021, Inkosi Mponela wrote the family that he has stopped working with it and instead, he will be working with Mr. Lloyd Nthache who works at the Road Traffic Directorate in Lilongwe as his Senior Group Village headman Jonasi and Mr. Gift Nthache, a primary school teacher in Kasungu as his Village Headman Jonasi.
A source speaking on condition of anonymity said Mr. Lloyd Nthache was favoured for the throne suspecting that money exchanged hands as he has a stable source of income from his job with the Road Traffic Directorate in Lilongwe, and for Senior Group Jonasi, being a woman and poor, she has failed to buy justice saying this is one of the contributing factor that forced the Chewas to petition the Dowa District Commissioner over the same matter.

Senior Group Jonasi…in her school uniform…

The source claimed that most Chewa chiefs in surrounded by Ngoni chiefs are losing their chieftainships saying Jonasi is one of such examples facing injustices from Ngoni chiefs vowing that this will end and the Chewas will not continue to tolerate suffering inferiority complex in the hands of the minority Ngoni in the district.
When contacted, Senior Group Village head woman Jonasi whose real name is Chifuniro Ndelemani, refused to shade some light that Inkosi Mponela is better placed to give reasons on why she removed her as Senior Group but, complained that the chieftainship wrangle has affected her performance in class making preparations for her Malawi School Certificate of Educations [MSCE] fearing this might affect her examination results
When contacted also, Inkosi Mponela said the issue was resolved by all the village heads surrounding her including her family members but since it is in the hands of the Ministry of Local Government, he cannot comment much, only waiting for the Ministry’s decision.
Born in 1975, Senior Group village head woman Jonasi, a mother of five, enrolled herself for form one at Mpando CDSS in Dowa district in 2017 after dropping out of school in 2000 to take over chieftainship of her grandmother who was by then aged.

By Vincent Gunde

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