March 1, 2021

Senior Prophet Hara continues to shine in RSA, holds International Conference in Benon

By Desire Elizabeth Mtawali

Senior Prophet Justice Hara, a renowned Malawian prophet who amazes many people with his way of preaching and teaching the word of GOD, continues to command a large following across the world.

Hara is also the founder and President of Ambassadors for Christ Ministries International and a Good-will Ambassador for the youths in Africa.

Having received the blessing from Malawi church leadership and released to serve God in South Africa and beyond, Hara and his wife were obedient in following the voice of God and settled in South Africa where they are growing the ministry.

Ambassadors for Christ Ministries Church in South Africa

The prophet was recently commended by his admirers who described him as a true prophet who preaches the word of God and interpretes it to redeem people from their problems.

They said he believes in giving the word of God before giving the prophesy.

In fact, Senior Prophet Hara always emphasises that there is more to prophetic ministry than just giving prophesies.

He once told his pastors in Malawi that they should not just focus on prophesies as if they are something fashionable, saying this makes the pastors to lie to their congregants.

The prophet said the pastors should preach more about salvation and pray for people.

Senior Prophet Hara continues to be loved by many people and this was witnessed recently during an international conference he held in Benon, South Africa.

The Conference that started from 9th August to 11th August was described as the best ever.

Members of ACM church in South Africa

One of the patrons who travelled all the way from Malawi told our reporter that she never expected that Prophet Hara’s popularity and church would grow to that extent.

“What I have seen is amazing and extraordinary. This prophet is indeed doing this work with passion and not fashion. He was preaching things that I have never heard of in my life,” she said.

Another man from South Africa said he loves Senior Prophet Hara and that it is his first time to love prophetic ministry because of the unique preaching and teachings of the prophet.

“I came here just to see for myself if what people have been saying about this Prophet is true. I regret for ignoring him previously. I have decided to stay in this church and follow this prophet”.

ACM congregants receiving the Word of God

The three day conference was attended by so many people from different countries including Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and many others.

Ambassadors for Christ Ministries International has its headquarters in Malawi’s Capital Lilongwe and is spreading fast to other countries.

Alot of people also describe Senior Prophet Hara as a very faithful spiritual son of another South Africa based Malawian billionaire Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, who is also known as Major 1.

Hara has always been seen to be very royal to his spiritual father Bushiri that he always starts preaching by honouring Major 1.

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