Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Senior Prophet Justice Hara speaks out on Bushiri’s attacks:Says its GODs plan for promotion

By Desire Mtawali

The renowned preacher and Teacher of the word of God  Senior Prophet Justice Hara who is also called the Game Changer by his followers across the world has come out to speak on the increased attacks being levelled against Prophet Bushiri and rises to respond and tell people the truth.

Senior Prophet Justice Hara who is also the founder and President of Ambassadors For Christ Ministries that has branches in Malawi,South Africa and  other countries  had  been very quiet since  attacks started.

His followers have been looking forward  for him to speak since he is the closest person to Major 1 and being the senior son of major 1.

Asked as to why major 1 is getting all these attacks, senior prophet Hara said there is nothing new here,for every man of God you will go through such attacks,for you to be promoted in the office of prophetic there are too much wars to fight,there is too much opposition to challenge,there is too much resistance to overcome,so there is nothing new said Hara.

Hara:This war is for all the men of God

“I have been with Major 1 when we were all young,no one knew that major 1 will be where he is now….. but in the spirit we saw all these things happening some 15 years ago,we are always strong when we face these challenges,” said Hara.

Senior Prophet Hara assured Malawians and all the sons and daughters of major 1 as  all the ACM church members that this situation that their father is  going through will soon come to an end.

“I’m seeing doors opening and greatness will come, we will win this war and we will rejoice,” said Hara. He then appealed   all the sons and daughters of Senior Hara  and Major 1 to  pray hard as this was  the fight for everyone.

The man of God then  reminded people that  the bible clearly says the times of percecution is the sign of your promotion,is the symbol of  rising.

“This war is for all the men of God,  we need to stand and fight togther to protect each other,this time when major 1 is being victimised , we need to cover him,” he said.

“Its my plea to christians all over the world to pray for Prophet Bushiri and his church,let God put to shame all the people that are busy fighting,creating stories and making him sleepless nights,” added Hara.

However Prophet Hara further apreciated Malawians, South Africans and other followers of Major 1 who are always standing with Men of God.

Many  people in social media have been  responding to false and fabricated stories against Major 1, while  other men of God have been alsi praying for Major 1 through different TV stations. He therefore encouraged them to continue doing that.

Prophet Hara is one of the youthfull annointed prophets who has made lime lights due to his emphasis in the word of God who is a powerfull teacher and preacher of the gospel.

People have known him with his teaching and interpretation of the bible and one would wonder how he interprets the bible,very deep,full of revelations and this is why he is called the Game changer.


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