Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

SKC dislodges all political parties in Chitipa: Flames Legend Joins the Party

State vice president Saulos Chilima says quota system of selecting students to public universities will end as soon once his UTM party gets into power next year.

Chilima was speaking in Chitipa on Saturday when he addressed the public rally and launched his party, a district in the farthest part of the northern region bordering Zambia and Tanzania.

Let’s do this: Chilima shaking hands with Speaker of Parliament at Chitipa airport ground

Chilima has condemned the current rising corruption levels, nepotism, cronyism, favouritism and plunder of public resources by DPP led government.

The veep promised that once voted into power, he would be obliged to answer questions in parliament.

He disclosed that UTM manifesto will be launched on December 17.

Despite the unfavourable weather that led to showers in the area, the multitude that gathered for the rally continued to wait in the rain for hours as they wait for the travelling vice president to speak to them on why he wants to run for the presidency.

The masses that gathered to hear Chilima’s manifesto

Arriving at Chitipa airport ground with the cheering multitudes chanting “Chilima yuyo “, meaning Chilima should carry on) it was clear that the crowd had been waiting to see the UTM president and to hear him give them hope that Chitipa their home will be transformed and will benefit from the revenue collection which the people in the district contribute.

Chilima retaliated his next government plans to introduce a welfare fund that will take care of the elderly. He said every person aged 65 and above will be legible to receive a monthly MK15, 000 for their social welfare.

He said agriculture will be the backbone of the region’s economic activities as his government will introduce farming initiatives that will help the district to produce and export its produce and products to other countries, turning the region into an exporting region adding that, this will create more job opportunities.

Chilima pointed out that his government will put in place land policies that will prioritize the locals.

He said Malawians are the priority when it comes to land settlement issues and further promised that his government will give clean tap water and bring electricity to the parts of the region that have no electricity.

Chitipa is a district that has been neglected for a long time and it is time to bring development infrastructure like hospitals, schools and factories.

” For this to take place there is need to promote the work the District Commissioners do by giving the power that will enable them to develop their regions, ” said Chilima.

In the education sector, he promised people in the region that his government will make sure that the problem of lack of school fees is eliminated.

Chitipa gathered in large numbers at Chitipa airport ground

The visit to the area has witnessed the joining of new members from the ruling DPP and former soccer legend Peterkens Kaira among other numerous names to mention.

Chilima is on a Northern region tour where he is saying selling his UTM manifesto and on Sunday the 25th November he will be in Songwe where after he will proceed with whistle-stop tours on his to Karonga.

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