Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Son kills Mother in Chitipa

As Malawians across the country are celebrating Mother’s Day, in Chitipa a violent man suspected to be mentally ill has allegedly killed his mother in a gruesome manner.

Elisha Kapira, who has since been arrested, is alleged to have repeatedly stabbed his mother to death after she had rejected his demands to have sex with him.

District Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Gladwell Simwaka said the suspect will have to undergo mental health examination before the next course of action by the state.
Both the deceased, Edris Nakabala 59 and the suspect are from Kafwimbi Village in lsoka, Zambia.

A week ago, they came to Nthalire in Malawi to visit their relatives and see where her late husband, father to the suspect was laid to rest.

The two were accommodated in the same house.

In the early hours of August 15,2019, the suspect demanded sexual intercourse from his mother,a thing which she refused.

This did not go well with the suspect who took a wooden stick and assaulted her to death.

Police officers from Nthalire police Unit and medical personnel from Nthalire Health Centre visited the scene of crime.
Postmortem indicates that death was due to severe loss of blood secondary to multiple cuts in the head.

The suspect is believed to be mentally ill, however, investigations are underway to establish his insanity.

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