March 1, 2021

South Africa lockdown ends Malawians going home

By: Vincent Gunde


Some Malawians trapped with lockdown in South Africa are now heading back home following the end of a month long lockdown against Coronavirus in South Africa.

Pic: President Peter Mutharika….listen to the outcry of your people in South Africa……

Eventhough they are going home, some have expressed fears that their family members will not accept them in their respective areas suspecting them to bring Coronavirus from South Africa.

The lockdown in South Africa has seen foreign nationals including those from Malawi protesting heavily against the South African government to give them all the essential services as some survive on hand to mouth and no wonder they resorted to damaging property including police vehicles and this forced government to reduce some of the punitive measures of the lockdown.

According to the reports, some Malawians went to the Malawi High Commissioner in South Africa where the Deputy High Commissioner received them with cold showers telling them openly that she is there for DPP and this prompted the CFF to appeal for support from Prophet Shephered Bushiri, Businessman, Simbi Phiri to assist these Malawians trapped with lockdown.

In the audio clip circulating on the social media by Saunders Jumah, the Utopian, the CFF says none has responded to his call for assistance saying one Malawian was caught red handed in a whiteman maize garden stealing saying this has tarnished the image of Malawi Government and its people.

The CFF is urging the government of Malawi to prepare a quarantine centre in Mwanza and other borders so that the returnees are screened and tested if at all they have Coronavirus or not for 14 days before letting them joining their family members.

…” Some of them will not be welcomed in their respective areas with fears of bringing Coronavirus, government has to care for these, it is its responsibility other than continuing to be on lockdown while they are in their home country, Malawi”,… reads part of the audio clip.

The CFF is also kneeling down before the government of Malawi to provide transport to some of them who have shown willingness of going back home but they have nothing in their pockets, lockdown has left them with nothing and are not affording to taste a loaf of bread.

The organization is finally appealing to the citizens of Malawi to warmly welcome their brothers and sisters back home, they haven’t committed any offence, Coronavirus is real and is everywhere around the globe saying South Africa has a population of over 55 million people and over 5,000 people are confirmed to have tested for Coronavirus saying this does not mean that everyone coming to Malawi from South Africa has Coronavirus pandemic.

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