January 18, 2021

SPC urges public officers adhere to Covid -19 measures

The Secretary to the President and Cabinet [SPC], is urging public officers to adhere to all preventive measures as announced by the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 from time to time to contain the pandemic in the country.

The SPC says these measures should be implemented with immediate effect and shall remain in force until further communication is made by the office of the President and Cabinet.

Recent statistics show that there is a surge on Covid-19 cases in the country due to a new virulent strain of the Coronavirus that has been registered within the country and beyond.

In the statement dated 11 January 2021, signed by Zanga–Zanga Chikhosi, the SPC is requesting that each Ministry, Department and Agency must provide face masks and hand sanitizers to members of staff.

The statement says all public servants reporting for duties must wear face masks and that such face masks must be worn properly to cover the nose and the mouth completely, should not be lowered or removed when coughing, sneezing and speaking.

It is warning all public officers and the general public that those who will not wear face masks should not be allowed access to office premises.

…….”Ensure social distancing, washing hands with soap and sanitizing before entry into Government offices and periodic disinfection of Government buildings, ’’…..reads part of the statement.

The SPC says virtual meetings are encouraged saying essential meetings may be held in conference rooms only when there is great need to do so, but ensuring that social distance is observed.

The SPC is ordering each Ministry, Department and Agency to ensure that where possible, staff work in three [3] shifts while the rest continue to work from home and those with underlying health conditions are encouraged to work from home.

By Vincent Gunde

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