October 21, 2020

SPRODETA Extends Poverty Reduction Project in Dowa

The Small Producers Development and Transporters Association [SPRODETA] in collaboration with its partners the Lilongwe CCJP and WORLEC, has extended its Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth through Goat and Chicken value chain project to cover other areas in Dowa district.

The project was first implemented in the areas of Traditional Authorities Chakhaza, Madisi EPA and Mkukula in Chibvala EPA from 1st July, 2019 – 31st December, 2020 and now it is extending to other areas of Traditional Authorities Mkukula, Kayembe, Msakambewa and Chiwere in the district from 1st July – 31st December, 2021.

Lilongwe CCJP and WORLEC are already implementing their projects in the areas where SPRODETA is extending the project and is using the same rights holders and added in some from the community as a whole targeting 200 rights holders.

SPRODETA rights holder…Farmers realize reasonable income from the sale of goats…

Briefing the District executive council committee held in Dowa on the extension of the project, its Project Officer, Mtisunge Chipeta, said the project has an overall goal of contributing to increased resilience and poverty reduction, among the targeted women and youths farmers in Dowa district.

Chipeta said by the end of the project in 2021, women and youth will have increased ownership of Goats, access to profitable markets and demonstrating strengthened capacity in Climate –Friendly Goat management practices in Dowa district.

Mtisunge Chipeta…the project will contribute to increased resilience and poverty reduction…

She said in the first implementation, the project targeted 180 rights holders, 108 women and 72 men, trained three project committees in all the sites at Kabwinja A, Chimoto and Cheyo villages.

The officer said SPRODETA sensitized the rights holders in all its project sites on Covid -19, translated the documents bearing Covid -19 message into local languages and distributed them to rights holders and procured the hand washing materials in all the EPAs where it is working.

…..’’Farmers are linked to potential buyers and are able to realize reasonable income from the sales of chicken and goats at an average price of K15,000,’’….said Chipeta.

In his remarks, District Commissioner for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, asked organizations implementing various interventions in the district to share progress reports of their projects to the secretariat for it to know how the projects are going and challenges faced, saying this enhances cooperation, transparency and accountability.

Meanwhile, the Dowa District executive council committee has approved SPRODETA to extend the project to other areas in the district with its partners, Lilongwe CCJP and WORLEC with support from Norwegian Church Aid [DCA]  

By Vincent Gunde

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