October 29, 2020

St. Gabriel Medicals FC Defies Covid19 Rules

The Chipiku premier division outfit st. Gabriel Medicals FC have revealed that they have started preparations for the upcoming season despite government ban on all sporting activities.

For the past six months football has been restricted in the country as one way curbing further spread of covid pandemic.

Last month the presidential task force on covid19 gave teams go ahead to start preparations for next season on 17th October following calls from concerned people to uplift the ban.

Chipiku Team use saka bags to cover the ground

At the mean time different teams are busy testing their players and officials as well as disinfecting football facilities and equipments before trainings starts.

Central Region Football Committee, yesterday, invited teams representatives to discuss some measures to be followed when the Chipiku season starts in January.

After the meeting one journalist asked Team Manager for st Gabriel, Ringo Amtema if they have started preparations, he said: “yes we started preparations for the upcoming season”

It’s difficult to prevent Supporters from watching games: Ringo

Amtema further said his team is not ready to play games without supporters when season starts.

“That can’t be possible. There’s no enough security in our grounds, we rely on covering the ground with saka bags and we can not manage to prevent supporters from watching games. They can easly overpower us and watch games”

At a meeting, Central Region Football Committee has revealed that the Chipiku league will kick start start in January 2021 and it will run until mid year.

By Erik Chiputula

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