November 30, 2020

TAWINA Supports Back-to-School Rescued Girls

Chibvala Primary School Head teacher in Dowa district, Henry Jester Fukizi, has asked Government and NGOs implementing various interventions in the district to provide enough learning resources to girls that have been rescued from child marriages and are back to school.

Fukizi said schools are happy to welcome back the girls but they are lacking resources to keep the rescued girls in class so that they can continue learning without thinking of returning to their previous situations, hence his plea to government, noting that it is everyone’s responsibility to support girl child education for the country to have a better future.

Henry Jester Fukizi, Chibvala Primary School Head, and Aness Banda of TAWINA pose for a picture with the donations

He thanked Teams Advancing in Women and Agriculture [TAWINA] for complementing Government efforts towards supporting girl child education in the area of Inkosi Mkukula in the district, particularly those girls rescued from child marriages to learn in a conducive environment.

On his part, Head teacher of Mpalankhwali Primary School, Trasizius Chilamba, appealed to teachers whose schools have received girls rescued from child marriages to treat them as their children by providing good guidance to shape their future and their fellow learners to be educated on the importance of love by not laughing at them but encouraging them to learn.

Mpalankhwali Primary School Head teacher, Trasizius Chilanga, receiving gifts from Aness Banda of TAWINA.

The remarks were made during TAWINA’s visit to the two schools to present education necessities to support three girls that have recently been rescued from child marriages and are back to school.

TAWINA, a community led organization by girls, has been distributing education necessities like sanitary pads, washing and bathing soap, notebooks, pens and body lotion, among others, to the child marriage survivors in the area of Inkosi Mkukula under its Campaign Against Child Marriages [CMAC] and are back in school.

TAWINA promotes girl education as a strategy to curbing child marriages, the organization facilitates withdrawal of girls from child marriage and re-enrollment in school for them to pursue with their studies that in future, they become responsible citizens in their communities and the nation participating in all the development activities.

According to TAWINA’s Field Facilitator, Aness Banda, the organization started the Girls Education Fund [GEF] in 2014 through to 2018 where it has supported over 200 girls in the area of Inkosi Mkukula in Dowa, T/A Kalolo in Lilongwe and Mzuzu primary and secondary school.

Banda, expressed hope that the program of supporting girls will be sustained through the established TAWINA  Social Enterprise Initiative  initially called Strengthening Agricultural Livelihood for Girls Education  where it provide skills training and start up kits to women and girls in various enterprises like piggery, soya bean, bakery, and many others, to give them capacity to support the education of their adolescent girl children.

…”At TAWINA girls are exposed to an array of opportunities, for example, they learn computer skills, tailoring and agriculture, all the girls are busy doing their specialized choices and we encourage them to learn everything as they develop their areas of interest and speciality,’’…said Aness Banda. 

By Vincent Gunde

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