March 7, 2021

Teachers laments TUM on financial report of Teachers money

A group of Concerned Teachers of Malawi have recently pressurized Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) to produce a financial report on how they have used money deducted from teachers in the last ten consecutive years.

The demand has come barely two days after the concerned teachers had also pressurized government to give teachers risk allowances due to Covid-19, as teaching staff and students have not been spared by the pandemic.

In a letter dated 18 January the Teachers are demanding TUM to produce a report on how they have used the money deducted from their salaries in the last ten years. Teachers say they have seen no impact of the deducted funds in their lives.

Teachers are lamenting that TUM as a Mother-body has failed to represent them in all the problems they come across as teachers adding it has dragged them down to zero over the past ten consecutive years.

Concerned Teachers of Malawi Secretary, General Azeez Losa, disclosed that they had a meeting with TUM and CSTU in Lilongwe where among other issues they discussed on contributory pension scheme and TUM Leadership.

“Last year we met for a meeting where we discussed risk allowances for teachers amidst Covid-19 , they promised to provide us with a feedback within a space of fourteen days but all in vain. We wonder what mother they are, they see their children victimized but they are doing nothing,” Losa expressed.

According to the letter teachers are challenging TUM to give reports on: how the funds deducted from Teachers are being managed, what was discussed with the government on issues of risk allowance of teachers and contributory pension scheme, as well as set date to conduct an AGM where TUM leadership will be elected.

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) General secretary, Charles Kumchenga, recently said he just come across the letter via social media and as such he could not comment on issues circulating on social media.

“I just saw the letter on social media, we already responded last time when we converged for a meeting. TUM has it’s own structures that we follow so the teachers should go to their structures and they will give them a response,” Kumchenga explained.

Teachers have threatened to take unspecified action if TUM does not comply with the stated demands in the letter, within a space of five days.

By Esnath Kalawe

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