Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

The Ombudsman has released its findings in the removal of uteruses from expected Women

By Staff Reporter

Following the reports by Zodiak Broadcasting Cooperation in august 2018, which alleged that uterus were being removed from caesarean patients at Queens Elizabeth hospital,the office of ombudsman is done with its investigations on the matter.

The Ombudsman, Martha Chizuma said according to the investigation they had, it has been found that about 160 uteruses of women has been removed in some public healthy facilities in Malawi.
This was said today during the launch of ‘woe of womb’ in Lilongwe.
Chizuma said that “there is insufficient ward space,beds and theatres in some central hospitals in the country resulting in delays in assisting patients as well compromised sanitation in the wards ,both which have contributed the increased number of martenal infections and attendant uterus raptures in some instances ”
Speaking in an interview Chizuma said shortage of ambulances and fuel in most of the heathy facilities contributes to the delay of transporting emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology patients to referral hospital for immediate medical attention.
She said: “failure to provide ambulances / fuels is an omission of duty on the part of Ministry of Health and population”

From its findings from the report the Ombudsman says Queen’s Elizabeth Central should carry out plumbing maintainance at the hospital which will eradicate leakages and also reduce low water pressure problems which should be done by 31st January ,2020
“I strongly recommend that the ministry of healthy and population and regulatory bodies should vigilantly and impartially discipline all healthy personnel guilty of act of misconduct in order to deter other medical personnel from negligently conducting their duties”,Chizuma said.
However, the director of quality management and Digital Heathy ,Dr Likaka from ministry of heathy said the government has received the report and they were expecting that the report will be released .
“we will consolidate all the reports according according with the reports,” said Dr Likaka.
In his remarks,Likaka said the the government is to improve healthy facilities .
“We are now starting building about 200 hospitals and central hospitals should be run by the professional board”, he said.

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