Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Thugs Petrol – Bombed MPs House In Dowa

Pic: Dowa police station Publicist, Sub. Inspector Richard Mwakayoka Kaponda… Police investigations are underway……..
By: Vincent Gunde

Unknown people suspected to be political opponents of MCP Director of Youth, Richard Chimwendo Banda have petro- bombed his house at Mvera in Dowa district.
The incident occurred on 9th July, 2019 at about 00:30 hrs at Maweru trading centre in the district.
According to Dowa police station Publicist, Sub. Inspector Richard Mwakayoka Kaponda, said the incident was reported to police by Mr. Codreck Robson, who the house which was torched belong to his uncle, Chimwendo Banda MP.
Kaponda said on the material date and time, Mr. Rabson was fast asleep with his colleagues in the house.
He was awakened by hot temperatures within the house and saw it by himself that the house was burning.
The neighbours around woke up and discovered 3, 20Litres jericans of petrol and several mops used to fasten the burning of the house which is located about 15 metres away from Lilongwe_ Salima road at Maweru trading centre.
They managed to contain the fire while three wooden chairs, one wooden door, part of the roof and glass windows got burnt.
Scene of the crime was visited by police and investigations are underway.
However, conflicting reports on social media are indicating that after Chimwendo Banda got the news that his house was torched by unknown thugs, he rushed to Dowa police station to report the issue but found that the station had already been burnt down and demolished by MCP supporters who were led and mobilised by the MCP Director of Youth, Chimwendo Banda, himself few days ago.
But, this allegation has been dismissed by the District police Publist, Kaponda, as totally false.

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