March 1, 2021

Tilitonse Foundation Donates €400,000 to CBOs

The Tilitonse Foundation has donated a grant amounting to 400,000 Euros (K3.6billion) to 20 CBOs across the country.

Board Chairperson for the Tilitonse Foundation, Desmond Kaunda, said they have decided to support the CBO’s because they stay closer to the communities and they act as mouthpiece to the voiceless.

“We have four funding windows namely open call, thematic call, CBO call and rapid response call so in the past we have offered grants to other windows except CBO so this is now their opportunity to also be considered.”

“But you also realise that the CBO’S are the ones closer to the communities. They reside in the communities, they know the issues happening in the communities and they also act as mouthpieces to the communities that’s why we target them and I believe we can achieve meaningful results through CBO’s,” said Kaunda.

On her remarks minister of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati has urged beneficiaries to use the money properly.

Kaliati further believes the grant will help to deal with some issues like human rights and economic empowerment programs in the communities.

She gave her assurance that the process would be monitored closely through District Offices so that no one should misuse the funds.

“As government we will have a close eye through the District Offices where ever they are implementing these programs so that issues of corruption should not happen,” she said.

One of the beneficiaries for the grant, Taonga Kaira, who is the Executive Director for Gender Governance Institute – GGI based in Mzuzu said the money will assist operations in key areas like economic empowerment, sexual reproductive health rights and monitoring how fertilizer subsidy is going on in in different communities.

By Erik Chiputula

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