March 1, 2021

Tough time don’t last

By Rachel Thyolani


The world is struggling to contain a  crisis that is beyond human comprehension and is caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Pic: the deadly virus COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the pandemic everyone is gripped by fear of the unknown. Thousands of lives are lost daily the world over. The worst news for any human brain to absorb is the fact that there is still no treatment. Scientists are working hard to find a cure first by trial vaccines though this may take up to six months or more.

By the end of 2020 stories of devastating effects due to COVID-19 will fill the air. Growth in number of orphans will be huge since the most vulnerable are elderly people. Millions will have lost their jobs as businesses continue to shutdown. Suicide cases will be rampant because of stress and depression. Stigma will affect some people negatively and poverty will be a common phenomenon hence rise in crime rates.

However in such times it pays to be strong for in tough times only tough people last. If you lose your job do not blame yourself it’s happening to a whole world, and if they didn’t replace you, you will have to use this opportunity to become a better you. Learn an online skill, do a business or volunteer your services for a worthy cause .If your business shuts down In the face of the pandemic do not curse yourself rather have hope and look for other business opportunities.

Do not let depression take over your life. Talk to friends and socialise and keep social distance and not forgetting to take all precautions to stay safe as you are key to stopping the further spread of the Pandemic, collaboration in the fight of this global Pandemic is crucial. In the face of adversity only talk to people who are positive minded in rising above the Pandemic and its global effects. Please avoid those that are biased or negatively charged.

To impact lives offer your skills and services to those close to you. Volunteer to educate the community on the good side of every person. Inform them that this is not an imported virus but a virus that knows no physical boundary and that it is preventable. Above all if you are able to share food and soap with the needy this is the right time to be our brothers and sisters keepers. Be there for everyone who needs help. Treat people with kindness.

Meanwhile if a close one is symptomatic call the medics immediately and help save lives. Keep your Immunity strong by eating a balanced healthy diet, meditate, exercise, drink lots of water, avoid stress as it suppresses Immunity and sleep enough.

Stay focused and have hope that calamities come and go. The world will survive and this one too will be part of History!

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