September 28, 2021

UN Fundamental Freedom Turns Against Africans

The United Nations [UN] Charter of 1945 introduced the fundamental freedoms under the banner of human rights but the same have turned against Africans, they are learning in foreign languages, schools and churches locked down, and economy closed making life of Africans unbearable.
Ever since lockdown started, there have been no time where markets were closed but only schools and churches in Africa because in their agenda they know that these places are a source of information people flock to listen to a motivator who would help them to change their mindset, hence their fear that Africans will not listen to the UN and its Agencies, one of it being World Health Organization [WHO] for interfering in the affairs of Africans.

Africans are quickly realizing that Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines have made the UN to dictate African leaders to be in its armpits, African leaders are cashing in money enriching themselves at the expense of imposing strict rules on their people and no wonder, the UN accepts bad leaders to rule Africa to advance their agenda as agents of darkness for people to be blind from knowing the truth about the Covid-19 vaccines.
Africans are being made to believe that if Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe was still alive today, he would have to rise up against the UN and WHO on why they are imposing strict punishments to Africans through lockdowns, and vaccines made by the whites not giving a chance to Africans to make own vaccines, but African leaders of today, are all quiet, all accepting the rules of the UN and soon or later, Africans will be losing jobs through NO VACCINATION, NO WORK POLICY.

A concerned citizen from the North based in South Africa, Pastor Charles Ben Longwe, said Malawi is a lucky country because it is being ruled by a God-fearing President, Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera who would otherwise have turned against the UN forces of darkness of imposing strict rules on the people and encouraging his people to engage into prayers and fasting just like he used to do before he was elected President.
According to his observation, Pastor Longwe has noted that since President Dr. Chakwera was elected President of Malawi, he has never called the nation for days of prayers and fasting saying God is not happy and is speaking to him through many difficult situations the country is going through including car accidents happening in Malawi, according to Longwe he observes that a week cannot pass without hearing a car accident killing many people.

Chakwera asked Malawians to pray and fast a few weeks after becoming head of state

But contrary to what pastor Longwe is telling his followers, in July 2020 President Chakwera was recorded making a call to all well wishers to join him in his 3 days of fasting and prayer which started on 16 – 18 July prayer and during the SADC Heads of State and Government Summit held in Lilongwe, President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera suggested that Africa should have a laboratory test manufacturing company for own vaccine, but on a disappointing part, three to four Presidents were seen on camera bowing their heads down playing with their phones.

This was speaking for itself that the leaders were not in agreement with Chakwera’s remarks that this will stop them from cashing in money into their pockets meant for Covid-19 interventions.

President Chakwera made his suggestion during his SADC speech for Africa to have own Laboratory and produce own Covid-19 vaccine

In his quest to help Tonse Government to stay on track Longwe went on to ask the head of state to build Malawi so that all regard it as their country urging him to address rising cases of road accidents happening in Malawi and the suffering of Malawians where commodity prices are going up every day saying Malawians wants the voice of their leader to order for a stop in this.
…’’We will not close our mouths speaking against the bad policies, stop the skyrocketing of commodity prices and listen to the suffering and crying of Malawians, once this is done, you won’t hear us speaking against your government,’’…said Pastor Longwe.
The Pastor then asked President Dr. Chakwera to address the nation on the alleged news that the newly trained MCP militias from Mtakataka Police College are on the ground to silence all critics speaking against him and this include all freedom fighters reminding him that this is the MCP of the past, and that in 1994 Malawians said never again shall they see that happening with their eyes.
Pastor Longwe assured Malawians that they are ready to die for their country, they are not fearing Satan and the Satan which is on the ground hunting to kill them is too small hence it can be a good and wise idea for President Dr. Chakwera to build Malawi as one and not hunting for their blood. Longwe said when this is achieved only then will Chakwera here no one speak ill of his government because then Malawi will be seeing his good leadership.
He said 18 million people in Malawi are suffering and crying for their country except only a few in government warning government that if the militias succeed in killing them, Malawians will all rise up to revolt against the government because all are for change not for leadership but policies to make their country good and a safe home.

By Vincent Gunde

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