Thu. Nov 21st, 2019


By: Vincent Gunde
Inspired by United Transformation Movement( UTM) sound and energetic interim leadership of the Vice president of the Republic, Dr. saulos Klause Chilima, a youngster has come out in the open to challenge incumbent Ntcheu Central parliamentarian, Malisen Ndau in a battle for a parliamentary seat ahead of the tripartite elections to be held in May, next year.
The youngster, Jonah Guba Phumisa, having assessed the incumbent parliamentarian’s 5 year term in office, has observed nothing tangible the parliamentarian can claim that the electorate can judge him since brought into power in the 2014 tripartite elections.

Recently, the Democratic Progressive Party( DPP) led by its Secretary General, Greseda Jeffrey, addressed a rally in Ntcheu Central constituency where it denounced the incumbent parliamentarian for failing to represent the electorate saying the constituency is dead as if there’s no Member of Parliament( MP).
Speaking in an interview, Jonah Guba Phumisa said politics of electing the old, is gone with the late Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda saying Kamuzu invested more in grooming the youths as leaders of today’s politics.
Phumisa said he is happy to be one of the youngster’s joining the United Transformation Movement( UTM) as a shadow parliamentarian demonstrating to the world that the youths need to stand up for a change in politics citing France and Croatia.
” Why are Malawians still voting for the old while the youths are there watching and clapping hands at the failed leaders? He questioned.
He urged the youths of today not to regard themselves as young in politics saying politics is not a dirty game, but people who does politics are dirty.
The youngster also urged the youths in his Ntcheu Central and the rest of the constituencies across the country, never and ever to think of voting for the recycled politicians for the country to be transformed economically, politically and socially.
He said the UTM leadership, Dr. Chilima is no doubtful to transform Malawi moving out from the bondage of corrupt leaders, people who are selfish leaving patients dying in hospitals for no drugs while enriching themselves at the expense of the poor.
Phumisa expressed hope, trust and confidence that having been encouraged by the disgruntled electorate of Ntcheu Central to stand as their candidate under the UTM flagship, feel greatly honoured that he will represent them in their interest that they shall live to remember.
” Vote for me, Jonah Guba Phumisa and Dr. Chilima in the tripartite elections next year for a transformative change in there lives”, he said.

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