September 28, 2021

Upcoming Artist Mahope17 Roars with Wapamtima Song

A Malawian upcoming Artist currently based in South Africa, known by his stage name Mahope 17, has set off his aspiration by premiering his first song titled Wapamtima which is roaring out and striking the country’s airwaves.

Hia real name is Innocent Ngomba and is originally from Thyolo district. Due to certain tribulations that he was going through, Mahope 17 opted to go and search for greener pastures in the Rainbow nation. Mahope17 joined an Adventist Youth(AY) Choir at a young age and this inspired him to get deeper in his music career as from 2017.

At one time he was featured to perform at show hosted by Bhima Ndalama of Mibawa Television at Mulanje Secondary school in 2018 with Waxy K, K.Banton and Nesnes among others.

While in South Africa, Mahope17 could not let his dream in music career die a natural death but rather pushed it to a higher level.

Apart from Wapamtima song, Mahope17 has extended play list of songs including  Upemphe Bail, Amayi, Pain Killer, Yamadada, Pemphero as well as Pretty Mama

Speaking during an interview Ngomba  said the Wapamtima song is the top hit among his songs as it depicts real life situation, hence why it premiered. Most of my songs are love songs, and they have messages on real life situations. I pushed myself to start singing songs because I was passing through a lot. This was one way of dealing with my emotions,” Ngomba explained.

Wapamtima song is an Afro Hip-hop style composed in Chichewa as well as other songs like Amayi, Yamadada including pemphero among others while Pretty Mama is in English language.

Wapamtima song premiered on MIJ FM ON 4th May but the recording began in early 2020, produced by MR One and Smal Ayland in South Africa. Its release was delayed due to challenges beyond his capacity.

The song has maintained number two for two consecutive weeks on MdubzVille official countdown aired every Tuesday on MIJ FM.

Founder and producer at Fresh Zone records, Smal Ayland said the message in the song is very touching as it depicts real life.

“This is what is happening in real life, it tells a story that are happening out there, and it also happenned to me as well, that is why people have liked the song,” said Ayland.

By Esnath Kalawe

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