October 26, 2021

Upward Adjustment of Maize a Direct Assault on Malawians – Government Asked to revise the new ADMARC Maize selling price

Government has revised upwards ADMARC maize selling price from MK160 per Kilogram to K205 per Kilogram, arriving at this decision due to high cost of procuring and amount of resources for procuring maize. In a statement signed by the Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, Erica Maganga [Mrs], the Ministry is expecting strict adherence of the price enforcement being done to avoid any abuse, saying ADMARC should be submitting weekly progress reports on maize sale for easy monitoring of the process.

Meanwhile, the opposition DPP shadow Minister of Agriculture and Member of Parliament for Phalombe Central constituency, Hon. George Million, has described the upward adjustment of maize from MK160 per Kilogram to MK205 per Kilogram as a direct assault on the Right of Malawians to food. Hon. Million said the Ministry of Agriculture has deliberately ignored that maize is the country’s staple food saying the new maize price is unreasonable.

Vendors will benefit from the new maize selling price

Million claimed that most smallholder farmers in the current agriculture season sold their maize at prices ranging from MK30 per Kilogram to MK100 per Kilogram saying the fair maize buying price is K160 per Kilogram offered by ADMARC did not, in any way help smallholder farmers. He appealed to Government that the new maize selling price of MK205 per Kilogram is too high for most Malawians and therefore, has the potential to render many Malawians seriously food insecure. …‘’Over 1.5 million Malawians already need food and since they don’t have food of their own, it is only proper to rescind the directive and revert back to the maize selling price of MK160 per Kilogram,’’…said Million.

The Hon. Member of Parliament expressed his sincere hope that since the Tonse Alliance is a listening government, it will urgently revisit the decision for the good of many poor Malawians who survive from hand to mouth.

By Vincent Gunde

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