Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

UTM Gvt to Introduce Duty Free Week:No VAT on water, no VAT on Electricity, no VAT on Airtime

By our reporter
State Vice President Saulos Chilima has retaliated that UTM led government will introduce a duty-free week to allow businesspersons import unlimited amount of goods without paying tax.Chlima was speaking at a UTM campaign rally in Blantyre on Tuesday afternoon few days before polling day next week.

Some of people who graced UTM tally in BT

However Chilima said the opportunity will only be available to people who pay taxes and have a certificate from the Malawi Revenue Authority. Said Chilima, “For one week, every year people who have MRA certificate will be allowed to import goods for free. If all goes well, there will be two duty free weeks every year,”. He added that there is a need to reform the tax regime in Malawi in order to uplift companies that manufacture goods in the country.On this, Chilima said his government will remove value added tax on water, electricity and airtime. Chilima also reiterated his promise to remove water and electricity connection fees.The UTM leader then observed that some people who import luxury vehicles evade duty because the tax charged on the vehicles is exorbitant and the government lose money.“To end this, we will reduce duty on expensive vehicles to encourage importers to pay so that government should make money,” Chilima said.Throughout his speech, Chilima was confident that he will win the elections which will be held on Tuesday next week.He urged Malawians to vote for him saying Malawi needs to be transformed and if elected he will work hard to end the challenges people in the country are facing. When we go in the polling both on 21 May before voting, we should think of our children and others at home. Then we should vote for UTM because this is the party that will make Malawi a happy nation for everyone,” said Chilima.

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