Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

We are famous and mannered-Waxy Kay and Kay Banton speak out

By Donata Mpochela & Mwai Namatumbo

Malawi’s up and coming artists, Waxy Kay and Kay Banton of the hit-makers ‘My Foot’ and ‘I’m Proud of My Simple Life’, has expressed displeasure on false news awash in the social media over the assault they encountered over the week.

On September, 25, 2018 the two were beaten up close to St Louis Private School in Machinjiri, Area 10 as they tried to take a leak at a restricted private property belonging to certain Rastafarian, who mould house pillars around the place.


However, the social media has been awash with stories that Waxy Kay and Kay Banton whose real names are Wonderful Kapenga and Khumbo Sitola respectively, were manhandled because they were caught stealing and others said they had taken over their friend’s girlfriend.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Friday, Waxy Kay said that people were twisting the truth of the matter deliberately just to damage their good reputation as young guys who are in the music limelight.

“My friend, Banton wanted to pass water after we had chips at a certain vendor’s stall.

So he was directed to the place by the vendor and did not tell us was restricted only to be stopped by some four Rastafarians after he had already started helping himself.

“Then he was told to draw water from the river to clean up the place and then my friend said that was too much. The statement angered them and started hitting him hard.  When I tried to rescue my friend, we were both beaten up,” Waxy Kay explained.

Bishop Charles Kapenga of Believers Assembly International Church, who is the father of Waxy Kay, has so far taken the matter to Blantyre Magistrate Court for justice to prevail.


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