Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Weak Penalties Faulted in Child Labour Fight

By:Vincent Gunde

Winrock International says there’s need to review penalties given to child labour perpetrators to help win the fight against the vice.
The penalties are very weak if one can look at the benefits of employing a child against the penalties that are there not punitive enough.

Pic: Winrock International Regional Director, Dalitso Baloyi…. We have stepped up efforts in child labour fight.

Government needs to revise the penalties so that they are really punitive and stringent enough to deter the perpetrators of child labour in Malawi.
Winrock International’s Regional Director for Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania, Dalitso Baloyi, said efforts to end child labour are being hampered by weak penalties prescribed.
Baloyi was speaking this on Saturday during the 2019 Child Labour Day commemorations held at Chirambo ground in Rumphi.
He said their was need to fight the vice through the involvement of the child saying his organisation has three pillars namely; child labour reduction through education access and support, Economic empowerment and regulatory frame work.
The Regional Director said Winrock feel optimistic that it has addressed child labour much through parents saying it is high time people take child labour fight to the children and there’s need to amplify their voices inorder to eliminate the vice.
Speaking at the function, Labour Commissioner in the Ministry of Labour, Skills and Innovations, Kelvin Hlalerwayo Nyasulu, said attempts were there to introduce more punitive penalties to perpetrators of child labour.
Nyasulu expressed satisfaction with Winrock International interventions in fighting the vice saying government was emphasizing much on promotional approach as opposed to prescriptive approach to eliminate child labour.
He said the best is to work with the communities so that every one appreciates the need to do away with child labour other than doing the enforcement.
Winrock International is implementing Achieving Reduction of Child Labour in Support of Education ( ARISE) project in Ntcheu, Lilongwe and Dowa where it has formed different anti- child labour clubs and Women Agri- business Groups ( WAG).
The World Labour Day was commemorated under the theme…… ” Children Shouldn’t
Work in The Field But On Dreams “….
The commemoration Day in Rumphi was spiced up by drama and songs with children hoisting placards that carried messages denouncing child labour in Malawi.

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