March 7, 2021

Woman conceals birth of a child in Dowa

People of Chiponda village in the area of Senior Chief Msakambewa in Dowa district on Wenesday,20th January, 2021, were taken through experiences of memories in life when they left a funeral ceremony rushing to a nearby toilet to rescue a newly –born baby girl dumped into it.

An eye witness, Mrs. Chitheka, said one of the men attending a funeral service left the place to answer a call of nature at a nearby toilet and when he reached the place, he heard the voice of a child coming out from deep down the toilet.

…….”I met thr man on the road and he explained what has happened, I had to put down my basket with maize flour going to the funeral ceremony. We all went to inform the village chief about the incident, and in no time, all the people left the funeral ceremony to the toilet to see for themselves what was there,’’……narrated Mrs. Chitheka.

Men wearing gloves had to tie ropes onto the two long sticks as a hook for fishing to pull the baby out of the toilet, Mrs. Chitheka had to take off her chitenje to wrap up the baby filled with houseflies maggots coming out from the nose, ears and almost everywhere to Msakambewa Health Centre for cleaning.

The village chief organized men ordering them to arrest all suspected women believed to have pregnancies in and around Msakambewa Health Centre, until when identified one, who along with Mrs. Chitheka went into the labour ward for examination.

At first, the woman denied of having concealed the birth of a child and said she miscarried the day before. She later changed her statement to monthly period and after assuring of her protection that the matter will end in the labour ward without reaching the police. She finally accepted that the baby was hers, saying she gave birth to the baby girl on Tuesday, 19th January, 2021 and late in the evening she dumped the baby into the toilet.  

Meanwhile, Police in Dowa have confirmed of the incident, identifying the suspect as a -21 year old woman, Kesta Andrew, of Chiponda village in the area of Senior Chief Msakambewa in Dowa district.

Dowa Police Station Publicist, Sub. Inspector Gladson M’bumpha, said both the suspect and the baby girl, are admitted at Dowa District Hospital where they are receiving treatment.

M’bumpha said the suspect will appear before court soon after being discharged from the hospital to answer a charge of concealing birth of a child.

By Vincent Gunde

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