Fri. Dec 6th, 2019


By: Vincent Gunde.

A group of concerned women standing for stoned to deaths Superintendent Usumani Imedi, police women and business ladies believed to be DPP cadet activists , has accused EU Ambassador Sandra Paesen, of participating in the NGO- Gender Coordination Network ( NGO- GCN) organized demonstrations in support of women and girls victims to police officers abuses at Msundwe in Lilongwe.

The accusation is contained in an open letter addressed to the Ambassador and is circulating on the social media.

Ambassador Sandra Paesen was on Friday 25th October, 2019 spotted over the town joining a group of opposition women advocates in support of women and girls victims to abuses following the stoned to deaths of a police officer.

In the letter, the women cadets accuse the women activists of carrying banner’s , placards and singing songs that hurled insults to the police calling them rapists.

The letter is warning the Ambassador to stop meddling into the country’s politics saying the EU is not a section of Malawi, neither Malawi is a section of EU.

” …You are here to represent the EU and not to meddle into our internal affairs. If you want to play politics, we will take politics to you” ……reads part of the letter.

The women cadets said they are against the Ambassador’s for being silence citing a police officer stoned to deaths at Msundwe, MCP, UTM and HRDC sponsored demonstrations of victimizing women saying she said nothing and did nothing.

They claimed that the Ambassador has been watching and enjoying the shows including the painful part where HRDC hooligans stripped naked a woman cop and paraded her in the streets almost naked and a female journalist, Gladys Nthenda who was nearly stripped naked but thanks to the MDF that came to rescue her.

According to the women cadets, they were expecting the Ambassador and the women participating in the demonstrations to take to the streets to condemn such undemocratic behaviors but she said nothing and did nothing .

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