Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

YAS Introduced National Youth Manifesto To The youth councillor’s

Written by Thokozani Kachingwe

A youth organisation, Youth And Society ( YAS), has introduced the 2019 to 2024 National Youth manifesto and civic life to the newly elected youth councilors.
YAS was meeting the youth councilors who are at grass root level to collaborate with them on youth empowerment whereby 15% minimum of the budget will be going to the Ministry of Youth.
Speaking in an interview in Lilongwe on Tuesday, YAS Youth Chairman, Charles Kajoloweka, said the National Youth manifesto comprise of access to youth employment and vocational plan which will help to create 500,000 jobs.
” Government should introduce skills and trainings in Technical Colleges which are relevant to the job market including trades and entrepreneurship, landscaping, value addition of primary products and irrigation technology by the year 2024″ said Kajoloweka.
Kajoloweka also said the youth manifesto comprise of land acquisition and utilization which says no land must be sold to foreigners under any circumstances by the year 2020.
” Government must priorities access of land for housing for all and young people “, he said.
He said the manifesto also comprise of Youth politics and civic education whereby the National Youth Council of Malawi ( NYCOM) will be abolished and replaced with a mandate to provide strategic direction and coordination of youth development.
” Government should ensure that the content has balances rights and duties of citizens to instil a civic consciousness and dutiful patriotism so that young people grow into more active and responsible citizens by the year, 2024.” said Kajoloweka.
The National youth manifesto also focus on youth with disabilities to establish a disability trust fund as stipulated in the disability act( 2012) to introduce skills development support programme for youth with disabilities by the year, 2024.
” Government should introduce an affirmative action mechanism to guarantee jobs for youth with disabilities by the year, 2020″ Kajoloweka said.
Lynod Chakakala Chaziya, junior, Councilor for Chinsapo 2 ward who was elected chairman of the Youth network, said he will work with his team to ensure successful implementation of the youth manifesto reaching out to all in Malawi.
” Through the power of working together, we might be able to achieve much more especially in problems which people are facing in our wards”, said Chakakala Chaziya.

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