May 18, 2021

12 Secondary School Students Awarded with Samuel Mayor Chirwa Bursary

This month marks a new era for Luwerezi Constituency as the atmosphere was electrified with jubilation at Chamayembe School at Jenda in Mzimba where residents witnessed the launch of Samuel Mayor Chirwa Secondary Education Bursary Initiative where twelve Form 3 students have been awarded bursaries to study at the Gateway Academy in Mzuzu beginning Monday 15 March 2021, as boarding school students.

Hon. Samuel Mayor Chirwa speaking during the launch

Meeting with constituency leaders, head teachers, parents and guardians of the twelve underprivileged students, Member of Parliament for the area who is founder of the initiative and Director of Gateway Academy, said this is to fulfill one of the campaign promises he made in line with improving education standards and lives of the youth in his constituency.

“I am glad that today one of the campaign promises I made has materialized. I have come up with Sam Mayor Chirwa Bursary for Secondary Education to support those that have the quick cognitive capacity in class but lack the capacity to pay for their school fees. The aim is to produce leaders in Luwerezi that will help run the affairs of this nation,” said Chirwa.  

Chirwa further assured the communities in his constituency of his relentless support which will sustain students under the bursary up to university level and further help to facilitate in securing jobs for them.

Parents and the Mzimba Luwerezi Constituency Task Force team witnessed the launch

The launch was witnessed by a task force comprised of former shadow MPs, teachers and other professionals, and T/A Mabilabo representative, Beneka.

In his speech, Beneka is calling all parents to show their commitment towards their children’s future, “My fellow parents, please let us show our appreciation to what honorable Chirwa has done and take responsibility by making sure that their daily needs are met at the boarding school, please let us support them…” said Beneka.

Radd Chirwa: Gateway Academy administrator (left) taking registry of students

Paulina Wilima is a mother of 5 who hails from Mabilabo south ward, her son is one of the bursary beneficiaries from Njewe CDSS. She takes delight in the bursary and expresses her joy. ”I am very happy to have this burden taken off our shoulders as we find it hard to raise school fees for our bright child. Our child is hard working and very intelligent in class and I am sure through this bursary his future is being secured and will help us as a family in the future,” said Paulina in her jovial mood.

Vice Chairman of the Task Force for Mzimba Luwerezi Kennedy Matundu, in agreement with Treasurer for the Task Force Keeper Gumbo, Head teachers and parents who gathered at the meeting advised the students to make use of the given opportunity to make the constituency proud and secure their future. Matundu told the qualified students to focus on their education and not to be conformed to peer pressure, “We support and love you as a community, therefore show your appreciation by being obedient to both parents and teachers, working hard to bring excellent results, and no one should make you lose focus,” said Matundu.

The awarded students taking in counsel from the community leaders

The bursary settles expenses such as all study materials, tuition, boarding and examinations fees.

The initiative will transform the underprivileged families from south and north wards of Mzimba Luwerezi Constituency. Students have been picked from Kanyika CDSS, Chibandawuka CDSS, Njewe CDSS, Phazi CDSS, Phembe CDSS and Champhira CDSS.  Chirwa disclosed to this publication that at least MK3,000,000 has been pegged as budget per term, which translates to an annual budget of MK9,000,000 emphasizing that the initiative has come to stay with the vision of raising quality leaders in his constituency.

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